Benefit and Requirement Of Life Insurance

Benefit Insurance

Evaluated from its time hence this requirement can be divided to become 2 shares:
- Requirement a period of now that is : food, beverage, clothes, our living cost now and others.
- Requirement a period of to come : including here is requirement to the expense of schoolchild, expense of child continue to ladder education of superordinate like study, expense of health if in a moment we have to be taken care of at home pain, expense of for the pension of (because do not forever we can work like this time).

Let us contemplate deeperly, during the time we strive, we try as maximum, we struggle in have business, struggling to reach higher level career. Which requirement is which we is fulfill?. Have of course long-range requirement non?.

Because what us enjoy this time is result of from struggle of past. How situation of us this time is result of than decision of past us.

Because of condition of us now is result of from past, now question?. Will how us wait a period of to come?.
Let us decide present moment. Agree You?.

Who is among we able to categorically know a period of to come?. Of course there no, each and everyone nothing that can know categorically how condition of a period of to come. Our which can do is to : planning and fighting for for the shake of better future from now.

We realize that this life do not miss from which is its name of Life risk. Risk live this is possibility the happening of ugly matter which we do not expect happened, or is also conceived of by accident, like pain, critical ill, total handicap, accident even till close age.

Yes. We make proper grateful that our present moment is given by health, so that we earn and can work, and money which we get we will utilize to fulfill all requirement of life and it is of course the rest we will save for the future the including to fulfill all dream a period of to come.

But is us conscious, that money which we is save is money which we is cast aside do not peaceful of its condition, because at any times risk might possibly be ugly happened at the (time) of which we have never expect and we have do not be anticipated, to finish our saving at once. Saving which we save during through years might possibly ludes at once because of risk live that happened.

By dozens one who sell owned asset it to pay for operating expenses at home pain. By dozens housewife selling its asset is including its house, to fulfill requirement of life because the maintenace pancari close age.
If this risk happened, hence what is going on with our saving?. Can used up, then how with your dream and your future?. Future where age have progressively, and of is spirit of working also have is downhill.

What will happened with a period of your pension wait?. Do you have to drape life to your children wait?. Yes. We hope our children later have got well established life.

Otherwise?. How your pension?. Do you still have to remain to work to continue until old age.
So here especial benefit of life insurance. Where one of the target of insurance is to draw up Pension Fund.
Any Risk that happened to one who have life insurance, hence company of insurance to account him, all loss that happened because of risk live this accounted by company of insurance. So that secure and prosperous retired plan is you will remain.

Account life insurance is account giving compensation replacement of expense if happened caused by loss is accident or risk, and its invesment fund will expand for fund a period of pension wait.

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