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Greetings loyal friend Insurance Tipsand Tricks, hopefully in good health always. This time we will discuss about the insurance education program for children.

Different types of investments to prepare for the education of children, it is to choose the type of investment to buy a property as an investment for the cost of a college kid, who bought land there, there are also an investment by buying precious metals and so on.

But there are also people who choose to buy insurance for the education of children.

While this goal is for the future when the child needs to go to college expenses, the funds are available.
Well this time, we will discuss the insurance training.
This assurance of children's education can provide tuition at the university.

For the cost, you must pay the amount of the premium can be determined according to your wishes.
Reduce the amount that you want, plus the cost of premiums to be paid. This type of insurance can be liquid (cash) per quarter. To illustrate: the sum insured (UP) of $ 100 million and the premium payable per year is approximately $ 8 million.

An insurance company will pay the insurance education every child goes to school with the following conditions: SD 10 percent of UP or $ 10 million, 15 percent of SMP UP or 15 million, ADM 25 UP percent or $ 25 million, the University 50 percent of the UP or Rp 50 million.

Once the contract is completed normally when the child was 21 to 100 percent cash out funds dr UP or $ 100 million.
Total costs that can be obtained is 250 percent of the UP. Read: Principles of Insurance and Elements of Insurance Contract

The excess of the insurance education include:
* The premiums are paid only for 10 years. After the free gift, but children still receive education costs at completion.
* You can get the cost per cycle of schooling.
* When parents affected such total disability, whether caused by illness or accident, of course, was not able to work as usual, when only pay premiums for three years, then the next free while the premium paid for the insurance will go ahead.

Another advantage is the cost of providing health care for the elderly backbone maintenace. Start fundraising available upon admission to the hospital, the cost of the insurance money if it is exposed to a risk of serious illness, the cost of the insurance money if it is at risk of total disability up to the age limit.

These are the things that become surplus or profits to save the education of children through insurance, which is not owned by investment in other areas, although in deposit.

Thus, saving money to buy insurance education of the child, it means that you have a guaranteed for the son and daughters beloved supply cost, no matter what happens to parents breadwinner.

Training goals or aspirations of parents provide time significant costs later, when the child goes to college.
By having this child education insurance for later, when the child goes to college, you just say children... Now you have to choose, would go to college where?. Singapore, United States, Great Britain or Indonesian?. We as parents are ready with costs.

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