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Have you ever been in the education of your offer of insurance from a particular insurance agent?. If yes, then you should be selective in the choice of a good education and insurance is right for you. The education of children should be a major concern for parents. Meanwhile, the fact that education costs always increase over time. Therefore, education should be planned from the beginning to ensure the tuition of the child. One way you can do is follow the insurance education.

Education insurance is a wise solution to cover the high cost of education today. Following school insurance, then you do not need the hassle and cost of the school or college kids in the future. Using insurance education if an accident occurs while you get, so keep your child's education can continue, because it does not need to be mistaken to think that the cost of education a time when you are sick.

Well for those of you who want to take the training for your insurance, it is advisable to pay attention to tips on how to choose a good insurance and following good education:
1. Learn insurance agent first.
Important step you need to do when trying to choose an insurance agent is to investigate the company in advance. You need to find the company's reputation by doing a search in the Google search engine. Having discovered and started to believe in the insurance company, the company went directly to inquire Rice Based Capital (RBC) to related parties. Basically, a healthy percentage of 200% RBC, while its minimum RBC was 120%. The term RBC Insurance is the amount of capital that must be guaranteed by the insurance company for the government in terms of the ability of customers to pay insurance claims.

2. Calculate the education budget in detail.
The next thing you need to do is calculate in detail the cost of educating a child in the future. Start where you later send the baby and count the cost of school today. Then, count the cost of education when your child enters school using the time value of money. Remember that the inflation rate in Indonesia over the past 15 years, ranging from 12% to 15%, while the cost of education will increase from 20% to 25%. Thus, the percentage figure is also important to take into account. So you know how much education costs incurred later.

3. When comparing premiums to the value of savings.
Then it is time to compare the premium to the value of savings. As we know that the bonus is a sum of money that must be paid to the insurance company every month or year. Choose the insurance premiums that you can afford, do not be because they can not pay your insurance premium must be stopped in the middle of the road. After that, try to compare with the value of the savings that will be removed in time. This way you will know if the funds of the output sufficient future cost of your child's education.

4. Flexibility in withdrawing money.
The things you need to consider is still the issue of withdrawal of funds. Choose a flexible policy because there are companies that can not be removed before the specified time. Would be disturbed if your child to follow the accelerated and move to the next level faster than expected.

5. Consider additional facilities.
If you are using insurance as a guarantor of educational toys, then focus on that. Many insurance packages that offer other services such as health care, critical illness and others. So you do not need to be tempted by the offer. Because it could be it could affect the amount of your savings. However, if you have more money, great if you want to use additional facilities.

These are some tips that you can make the choice of a good education and the insurance that is right for you. Hopefully the above tips useful for you. See also How to choose a healthy and proper insurance.

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