Benefits and Insurance Tips

Insurance Tips
Some of our communities are still those who feel antipathy when you hear the word insurance, especially when offered to purchase raw insurance products described must have been declining slowly.

Negative stigma regarding this insurance arises because of the bad experience of insurance services ever experienced by the individual or others, for example, difficult process benefits insurance claim, the length of disbursement or can not ditarikanya part of the funds that have been paid.

Because the area of ​​services, all insurance companies must strive to provide the best service to its customers.

Customer complaints about the service of an insurance company is usually caused because the customer did not understand and do not understand the insurance they purchase, both types of products and supplies.
Means assured grant financial losses should be borne by the family or myself to the insurance company in case of risk such as accident, illness or total permanent disability or death.

Why do we need insurance?
Because we can not expect or predict when we will experience these risks.
So when we do not have the savings sudden accidents which resulted in us having to undergo hospital treatment, then having financial loss insurance should we support will be borne by the insurance company.

There are some things we need to consider before deciding to choose a product from the insurance company, so as not to regret in the future.
1. Adjust the insurance products we choose not need to need or because of discomfort due to the agent or to be tempted by offers of reward the agent.
Make sure the insurance took care of us is a professional agent who not only pursue sales goals agent, but are willing and able to help and take care of our future insurance needs.

2. Discover the winners of insurance companies that we buy their products, both in terms of service and financial management capacity claims by digging information from relatives or friends who are clients.

3. Given the insurance is not the same as saving money, then we should know exactly how long the period of premium payment, then we can withdraw the funds (if the products we make no investment or the cash value) and how the disbursement of funds.
Because insurance, including long-term needs should be the size of the entire amount of premium insurance policies does not exceed 20% of income per year that the financial situation of the family is not been disturbed.

4. To avoid denial of claim or the unilateral cancellation by the insurance company policy, as it has found evidence of a lie to both the information of the Deposit Insurance and explain complete, honest and clear about the state of health, work, hobbies and habits and medical history of the family at the time of deposit insurance.
And to ensure that we deliver are listed on the letter requesting insurance should never sign a blank application state.

5. Ask in detail the benefits and conditions of the insurance products we select.
Examples of health insurance products, no waiting period and no provision for pre-existing conditions (preexisting condition) that is often the reason for rejection of the application by the insurance company and the client does not know the provisions of Insurance earlier filing.

6. Make sure that the premiums paid regularly and not in arrears.
When premiums become delinquent, the status of the policy lapsed (inactive) and insurance benefits can not be paid.
Reactivation can be done by way of recovery, but the recovery provisions of each insurance company is different and usually after the restart, the provisions of the validity period, the test period (contestable period) and the period Waiting applies stimulus policy date

7. Please check and read the policy carefully with an attachment that was received because the review period provided for by the insurance company to learn the policy and its annexes, if it is not in accordance with the policy issued by the agent may be canceled and the premium will be refunded.
Premium will not be refunded if the cancellation policy after work during the review period.

8. Insurance all young and healthy, because premiums or the cost of insurance for young age was cheaper and easier filing.

Choose a product that has the complete package, both life insurance, accident and health, but with a short period of time to pay his life insurance.

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