Profession of Insurance Agents

Profession of Insurance Agents

Maybe you're looking for what's the most promising profession in Indonesia? Or maybe you are looking for additional income amid your busy work, married, college or entrepreneurship. What else can we explore ourselves, the opportunities around us, and turn them into financial assets for us?
Perhaps the insurance agent profession is one of the answers.
But, why should be an Insurance Agent? Are not we (in Indonesia) people still "anti" and inflamed "tilt" against insurance?
From my glasses, precisely from any "unfavorable conditions" we can get "very profitable opportunities" from there. Recall the experience of the monetary crisis of 1998, many successful people actually start his business during a critical period. The Insurance Industry in my view is like a sleeping giant, with tremendous turnover potential in placing its assets. Naturally, as the potential of 240 million Indonesians make envy and become an important market destination for insurance companies in the world.
Then how can we take advantage of this opportunity? Yes, the opportunity, because it is still approximately less than 10% of Indonesia's population that has an individual policy, Compare with other countries that reach above 80%. Do we want to be silent to see such a big cake and miss the opportunity pass before us without a penny into our pockets? No it's not! Well, it's time you glance at this promising profession.
As an insurance agent, maybe I can give you an idea how exactly the insurance agent profession is interesting to consider:
As a matter of fact, the profession of Insurance Agencies provides flexibility in time and space and unlimited income opportunities. While this involves a sense of responsibility, self-confidence and self-development that can not be valued as a major success.
You do not have to depend on the office hours routine. Some colleagues who join this business can even do this work while taking care of children, "ngrumpi" with friends, or while vacationing with family though. The more you get along, the more community, the thicker your wallet is. For the employee, you can do it without having to quit the job. There is nothing wrong to try, while the opportunity still exists.
For the self-employed, you can utilize the business network to be more productive as a new asset to you. You are free to work anytime, anywhere, and with whom you work. No boss will scold you, you are the boss for yourself. No check-lock system & no target system. You alone determine your targets.You yourself have to commit to building the future with your own hands.
Insurance companies also provide facilities, training and Systems that enable you to achieve success and all at no cost.
The system works very uniquely, with a variety of free honors / awards allowing you to enjoy an unforgettable experience.
Insurance companies also have an open and transparent career path for anyone who wants to achieve it with unlimited income potential.
Well, wait no more, Seize the opportunity while you can!

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