Best Health Insurance vs Good Health Insurance

Best Health Insurance vs Good Health Insurance

Many health insurance companies claim their products are the best health insurance , thus confusing the laymen. The question is, of all the best insurance products, which health insurance is good for you?

I thumbs up for you, who are already aware of the importance of having protection. Not many people have an insured conscience let alone think about to protect the health of family members (family insurance).

I give special appreciation to people like you who choose a way to find out / information first before choosing a choice.

People opt for insurance in general already realize the importance of health .

If  I may ask, Why did you join Insurance?
1. Because health is expensive.
2.The cost of hospitals is increasing every day.
3. Health conditions are not always predictable always good.
4.It has no protection from office / work place, if sick, no one ease the burden of costs.
5. My job risk is high, working in the field.
6.Supaya if the treatment in the hospital can be free.

If the above reason becomes your base to have protection, I think almost all health insurance products in Indonesia is already able to cover it all.

However, you need to remember that illness / health is a serious problem that should be well prepared, so before you have health insurance it should be considered that your need is not to protect you / your family from health risks today or tomorrow but a few years or maybe tens of years ahead.

Some things to consider are:
- How much benefits for hospitalization.
- Outpatient
- hospitalization, etc.

Many people assume that by having the above protection states that the insurance is suitable for him.

FACT: There are not many outpatient benefits used by customers

Some people take this protection merely want to double claim from the protection that has been given by the office where he works.

They think hospitalization / road is the most important protection in choosing insurance, Try you remember when you last hospitalized in the hospital?
3 years ... 4 years ... even when I was in school ... that means the benefits are very rarely used.

It should be realized that the benefits of hospitalization / road associated with the amount of premiums to be paid. When you decide to take advantage of this need to be seen how many days of the year you will be protected?

There are 3 things that are more important than just the benefits of inpatient / road course, which you need to look at and be considered in choosing a good health insurance, 3 important things are generally not all life insurance companies / health dare mengcovernya , important things is…

The most dreaded disease of all people today is CRITICAL pain , be it heart, cancer, tumor, stroke, etc. The disease is increasing every year the number of sufferers, due to unhealthy lifestyles, stress, even because of obesity.

And according to a survey that has been done by WHO , 90% of people died earlier because of critically ill. This means that only about 10% of people who die in natural conditions. Hmm .. very little is not ...

For this critical illness cost too expensive, if now hundreds of millions can be imagined ten, twenty or even thirty years later, could be billions is not it? This is what we have to look at and note!

Check and ask the agent who offers your insurance:
1. Does the insurance have protection for critical illness?
2. How many kinds of critical diseases that dicovernya?
3. If so, check how much protection is reserved for critical illness and try to think about it and calculate it again is it enough protection cost given compared to the need for that cost when it happens?

This is important, because not all health insurance provides protection for critical illness, some exist but have a very small cash value, it does not help you!
Do not forget to check and ask, usually a good health insurance will provide free savings benefits if the customer is exposed to critical illness.

"With the lifestyle we run today, within the next 20 to 30 years, is there any chance we might get one of the critical illnesses?"

In addition to critical illness there are other things that are also high level of risks such as disability due to illness or accident, even total permanent disability that allows a person is not able to work anymore.

When this happens to the customer,
Ask as much as possible what the insurance company does:
1.Deluce protection costs, then close the policy (disconnect), or
2.Deliver protection fees and free savings benefits to customers up to a certain age, and other protection continues to run. My advice, choose the insurance that gives option number 2, because we all know if someone has a permanent disability total, automatically he can not do the maximum job as before, for some companies in Indonesia this state of employees like this will be a consideration for the given policy "Early retirement" to the employee. You must understand what I mean.

Ohya do not forget to look for insurance that provides total permanent disability protection with direct pay claims instead of "installments".

If you decide to have current protection, then you also have to calculate to what age you will be protected, because of course the difference of 5 years will be very important for you right? Health insurance that claims good products should have the longest protective period, especially for critical illness benefits (up to 70 years old customers).

In addition, look for health insurance that does not reduce the benefits / benefits if there is a claim from one critical illness or permanent disability with a claim that will be accepted if the heirs if the insured dies.

Good health insurance always puts customers in the "win"
This means that any cost benefit (critical illness / total permanent disability) issued to the client does not interfere with the cost of other benefits, as many insurers have a high cost of protection.

Ask for more details about the financial strength of the company not only from the information of the agent / advertisement being served but the real achievements the company has.

Does your health insurance already have the above benefits? If not, you should question the financial consultant (agent) of your health insurance.

Many facts happen, many people are unaware to choose not to have insurance, choose health insurance, and do not consider other factors.

So as I mentioned earlier that if you are not keen in considering the benefits of protection, it is feared will cause serious problems in financial planning, not even a few who eventually "bankrupt" because the claim is not sufficient for health expenses, so focus to see the benefits you will receive later.

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