Best Health Insurance

Best Health Insurance

Why do we need Insurance?
1. Assume friends that Sick is something definite? it's just that we do not know when it happens .. but someday must be sick, could be the result:
* foods and beverages which many chemicals / dyes / pesticides,
* daily inhaled air pollution (eg Bajaj exhaust fumes, motorcycles, highly toxic cars)
* Stress due to many problems, work affairs, family, money, including the cost of living up and down
* Mobile Radiation, computer, TV, etc.
* Decreased genes from parents (eg diabetes, etc.)

All these things can not be separated from us, and aging alias physical decline is so sure to happen .. imagine all things we invest in our bodies every2 days, and never / seldom do DETOXIFICATION ... so stay wait for the maturity, surely .. INTERPRETING DARE DISEASES, eg: Stroke, Cancer, Kidney Failure, Heart Attack, Lupus, etc.

Not to mention because of external factors namely VIRUS (example: Swine Flu / Swine Flu, etc.) It used to be suffered only by elderly people, but now ?? toddlers who have suffered Stroke, Leaky Heart, Bone Cancer, etc., due to hal2 that I mentioned above.

2. If Sick .. would want to recover ..

3. If you want to recover .. (because it involves NYAWA ..) Usually look for SPECIALIST SPECIALISTS (not newly graduated), usually the most skilled doctors abroad. And use the best Drugs suggested by the doctor and certainly MAHAL-MUHAL.

4. SO MUST SOME MONEY MUCH .. (may have personal experience, either family or sick friend just like above, try to ask them how much total money already spent?) 2 answer hundreds of millions, not few exhaust billions Example billions : Chrisye and Gugun Gondrong)

5. If SICK IS SURE and MUST STILL MONEY MUCH because they want to heal, want to use MONEY FROM WHERE if the doctor ask for medical funds Rp. 500,000,000? If it takes 500jt now? 5 years from now can billions, tens of years bias tens of billions. Do you agree?
Agree Disagree Medical expenses are increasingly rising, and have never been down yet. And for Hospital affairs there is never a DISCOUNT !! How many doctors ask, we must prepare the money if not ready to take it home. Weh .. terrible if it hurt ya .. ?? !!

6. Want to Pay with your own money what is Insurance Money?
If in this world guns no insurance, would not want to have to use our own money right .. !! Can-2 HARD WORK during this money kumpulin, can NGGAK THERE RESULTS, right?
Nabung routine tens of years to be 500 million, already collected .. It turns sick, and doctors ask for medical money 500 million .. woefully abis lah all. This if already have 500jt, if not yet ?? if the new 50jt saving continues CRITICAL SITE ?? Wow this is GAWAT .. !!

Can-can: Saving float, still less have to sell ASSET, still less also MINTA SUMBANGAN (kayak artist-2, they are famous for many who help, kalo us ??), waduh dreams floated all.

That's why we need insurance !! Especially the Account Prulink Assurance Account (PAA) , because there are many advantages.

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