Difference Between Reksadana and Insurance Of Life Unit Link

Difference Between Reksadana and Insurance Of Life Unit Link

From some suggestions I read, to further optimize investment, we better separate the insurance products and products investment (in this case mutual funds), because then we can more to monitor our investment.Combined investment and insurance products  commonly called unit link, even this is not wrong, especially for yang  lazy monitors and pacing to the bank.

This is the difference between unit link & mutual profit and loss:
Unit Link Benefits:
1. Practical, live push phone no bank / sales agent, marketing staff with lethal seduction will soon slide to your place.
2. Include apply in your home!
3. One package, so do not have trouble buying insurance and investment.

Unit Link Losses:
1. Usually the first two years, dues are used for insurance premiums  (automatically your money is lost!), only the next year can leave the premium  and calculated as an investment (but there are some unitlink that  immediately calculates as an investment from the first year,  but .... after 2 years we can just pull funds)

2. The result of limited investment development, we can not monitor  performance investment manager (MI) any time we want. And when performance  MI is not good, we can not protest!

3. The investment risk is as big as the mutual fund.

Mutual Fund Losses:
1. If you want to know the mutual fund you have to search for information  alone as much as possible, at least have to come to the Bank and meet  marketing of mutual funds in banks. But if you expect marketing  can stay on the phone and he slid directly to your place (like  unitlink) ... I do not seem to have heard.

2. There are no insurance charges.

Advantages of Mutual Funds:
1. Minimal by studying in advance before investing, we can be more  know the risks of investing itself. The term, like  we run, indeed we will be faster up the goal, but with  knowing that the risk of running is falling, so we are  so be more vigilant, running with pairs of eyes and hearts.

2. We can actively monitor the progress of our investment. If  if the investment manager performance is not good, we just move  hearts.

3. For emergency conditions, we can withdraw funds at any time  (more or less funds received 1 week from disbursement time / redeem)

4. Now mutual funds can start from RP. 100 thousand, so affordable  by all circles (including me who just mother erte, hehehe ...)

5. Some banks are like supermarket mutual funds (we live  sit sweet in front of the computer, and buy it online, for example,  commbank, sorryyy .. mention the brand, unfortunately redeem / disbursement yet  get online). So the risk of embarrassing to bring 100 thousand money to the bank to buy  mutual funds can be minimized, hehehe ... (one of the advantages too!)

6. The last advantage (temporarily), by searching for information  as much as possible about mutual funds for free, your auto  browsing on the web, and ketemulah web portal this mutual fund, here  besides science we can also search temen, sodara, or other sciences  out of mutual funds (non-material gain).

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