Health Insurance Tips and Tricks: Look at These 12 Things Before Purchasing

Nowadays, human needs for health insurance increasingly need to be met. It relates to guarantees that protect your financial sector, in the event of undesirable things, such as accidents, chronic diseases, and natural disasters. Today, the cost of medicine, doctors, and hospitalization are rising. Plus if the disease is classified as serious disease. You can say that you are a healthy person right now. However, you will not know how your health will be in the future. For that, you need to take preventive measures by protecting yourself and your family with health insurance.

Health Insurance Tips and Tricks Look at These 12 Things Before Purchasing

Health Insurance Tips and Tricks - In addition, by using insurance, you can protect your finances as well. Because if you do not have insurance and then there is an accident or disease, it will often make a person's finances become unfamiliar. When it has reached the limit of financial ability, and when it is also you have to make up for medical expenses, often will be a lot of things at stake, for example to mortgage jewelry, vehicles, even homes. Owe can be done if the situation is very urgent.

It would be very lucky if you work in a company that has covered health insurance. What if not? So try to have your own insurance. Choose health insurance from insurance companies. You can also apply for insurance organized by the government, such as BPJS Health . The problem is, there are still many people who do not understand about the important things before buying a health insurance policy. In addition to the things that need to be met, the rights to be earned, it also concerns the choice of health insurance that is eligible to be elected. For that, you need to pay attention to the following important things before you buy health insurance.

1. Insurance Product Name
Every insurance product has a very diverse name. Because when you are looking for health insurance , the provider must have more than one product name. For that, you must be careful and know carefully the name of an insurance product that will you choose.

2. Choosing a Health Insurance Provider
Choose an insurance company with a good track record of excellent products and services. One of the characteristics of a good insurance company is to have many branches. To find out, you can search for information via internet or newspaper media. To be more confident, look for your colleagues or relatives who ever tried insurance on a company. Try searching and compare companies that provide many benefits.

Pay close attention and compare the benefits of the premiums to be paid. Choose products that fit your financial needs and capabilities. Do not force yourself to take out expensive insurance. You can trim your budget by choosing an ordinary room when you have to undergo hospitalization, no need to fancy.

3. Terms of Health Insurance
Learn first what services are offered by the company, and what are the benefits to be gained. Read through chapter by chapter in detail, as they usually often include terms that are poorly understood or biased in meaning. If you still do not understand, you can ask to get a clear answer. Make sure that the insurance policy covers the health costs you want, such as hospital fees, doctors, medications, and operating costs.

4. Guarantee or Coverage it
It is imperative that you as a prospective customer understand exactly this. Because it can affect your decision to buy insurance or not. Every customer has the same thoughts for insurance that bought can meet the needs to the fullest. That is, protect from various disease risks as well as various health problems in the future.

You need to know what risks will be guaranteed insurance. Also note also whether there is a maximum age limit that can be guaranteed insurance products that you will choose. No less important, you also need to know how many other family members can be covered by the insurance.

5. Annual Claim Value
Generally, the insurance agent will provide a table of claim values ​​that will be accepted by you as a potential customer when ill every year. For example, the rates of general practitioners, physicians, prescription drugs, types of diseases, and others. When the maximum claims have been exceeded, the rest of the treatment will be your responsibility.

6. Hospital Network and Reimbursement System
The more hospital choices that work with insurance companies, the better the product. Moreover if the insurance product was accepted in all hospitals. Therefore, you can calmly rely on the insurance product. You as a prospective customer will feel comfortable when treatment. Just by showing insurance card, your problem can be solved. This method is referred to as cashless which means you do not have to pay at the hospital because it is borne by the insurance.

In addition, note whether also apply system reimbursements. This system means you have to pay first and then can claim to the insurance company. For reimbursement, customers are usually required to attach prescriptions and diagnostic forms that have been signed by the doctor.

7. Inpatient and Road Procedures
In health insurance, there are two types of treatment that is borne, namely in-patient (in-patient treatment) and out-patient (out-patient treatment). You need to check whether your insurance agent provides inpatient or outpatient dependents. For Outpatient, you also need to ask how the insurance company will provide reimbursement of medical expenses or laboratory tests as promised in the policy. Of course, if the participant is hospitalized or outpatient in a clinic or hospital.

Good insurance products will make customers comfortable because it does not need to bother taking care of hospital administration. You just simply show the insurance card and no longer need to pay cash to get the desired service because it is borne by the insurance company. Meanwhile, for inpatient, the procedure beratung on premiums paid. The hospital will check the benefits of insurance tailored to the health care class. For example, the nominal given by the insurance company for the cost of the room is as much as Rp250.000, -. The price is equivalent to the class III. Therefore, the hospital will encourage patients to be treated in class III.

However, what if the class III is full? Usually, the insurer will raise the facility to be higher. But this is only temporary until there is a class III inpatient room and the patient will be moved. If you want to go to class because you feel less satisfied with the facilities you get, you can raise the class independently. How, by requesting "Letter of Declaration of Availability of Payment of Difference of Cost" to be filled and signed by patient or patient's family.

8. Risk of Accidents, Permanent Disability, and Death
In health insurance products, there are two types of products, namely pure and additional (riders). Pure health insurance covers only reimbursement of medical expenses or laboratory tests when ill. Insurance coverage can be extended if the prospective customer wants this riders facility as an additional insurance. Riders are reimbursement of all hospital costs due to accidents, critical illness treatments, to the provision of compensation for death.

Additional insurance or riders is to optimize the main insurance program. Nevertheless, you must be wondering to get an extension of that benefit. Do you have to add premiums or are included in the benefits of the product? If you do not really understand the benefits, you should ask for illustrations of any event that insurance is guaranteed. Illustrations such as accidental incidents on the highway due to being hit by a vehicle. Whether the insurance will cover all the treatment or whether there are other requirements that need to be prepared.

9. Premium
These points are related to your financial capacity. How much will be spent on insurance payments. Payments are made monthly, per semester, or per year? However, what matters most is how long does it cost? It is rare for an agent to inform such things. There are enough to pay for 10 years only, but the benefits until the customer dies. There is also a fixed pay until the customer is 80 years old, some even have a lifetime to pay. Make sure this is clear because it involves the amount of money you invest.

10. Medical Check Up
There are insurance that provides medical check up and some are not. If there is a medical check-up, usually the insurer wants to measure the health risks of prospective customers. If a customer is diagnosed with a particular disease, the insurance policy may be rejected. Or if you can, customers get the consequence of paying more premium. Most insurance products do not include the burden of medical check-up fees as covered, or in other words the cost is borne by the customer. This policy is intended not to be misused for those who just want to do a free checkup. So, you need to make sure from the beginning whether there is a medical check-up or not.

11. Knowing How to Cancel an Insurance Policy
Believe it or not, insurance agents usually deliberately hide this subject. In fact, you as a customer have the right to know as well. Please read carefully the insurance policy contained provisions that read, "If you do not agree with the contents of the policy, then within two weeks of the policy rises, the policy can be returned and the money can be returned to the customer."

Health Insurance Tips and Tricks Look at These 12 Things Before Purchasing

That is, prospective customers have two week to cancel the policy it approves. Or in other words, prospective customers are given two weeks to learn the policy. If you do not agree, you can cancel at once your money back. If it has passed from the time set, you agree with the contents of the policy.

12. If the Premium Payment is Loss
This point is more in terms of anticipation only if in the future you fail to pay a premium. The problem is, this concerns the interests of customers who are worried if the default so that by default not get health insurance from insurance. Notice what policy the insurance agent offers. Usually given is the waiting period. That is, if at maturity pay your premiums can not pay off, the policy is not automatically closed or canceled unilaterally from the insurance company.

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