How To Choose Link Unit Customized Insurance By Destination

How To Choose Link Unit Customized Insurance By Destination

The wisest in choosing the insurance is according to the purpose. If you have both protection and investment objectives, then unit link insurance is the answer. Unit link insurance is a type of insurance product that combines insurance as well as investment. So, you get two benefits at once, namely insurance and investment protection.

For insurance purposes, premiums work like most insurance. Being devoted to investing, there are four types of views of the investment placement. That is:
- Unit of money market link (unit cash fund unit link).
Investments are placed in money market instruments, such as Bank Indonesia Certificates (SBI), time deposits, and money letters with tenure of less than one year. This type of unit link investment is right for you who are conservative investors. Because the investment risk is very low.

- Unit of fixed income link unit (fixed income fund unit link).
Investment in this type of link unit is mostly grown in debt instruments and a small portion of the money market. The portion of investment in bonds is at least 80 percent. This type of unit link investment has advantages over a more stable profit rate. So if you are someone who wants a more stable profit, this type of link unit can be selected.

- Unit of mixed link (managed fund unit link).
Investments are made varied, such as in bonds, stocks, or money markets. This link unit is right for those who are looking for big and long-term investment returns.

- Unit share link (equity fund unit link).
These link units usually place their funds in stock. You can choose this type of investment if you are classified as "brave" because of the high risk. In accordance with the nature of stocks that "high return, high risk" .

To choose the best unit link insurance, you can follow the following tips.
1. See the company.
Find out about the insurance company that issued the unit link product. Is the insurance company healthy and good reputation? If so, you can consider choosing the product.

2. Look at the benefits.
What are the benefits offered from these insurance products.

3. Learn the cost.

In unit-linked insurance is also attached to the costs. Such as administrative costs, investment management costs and insurance costs. These costs are beyond the cost of insurance. You can compare between unit-linked insurance products. So you can know the best unit link insurance product for you.

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