Insurance Is Important and Everybody Needs Insurance

Insurance Is Important and Everybody Needs Insurance

* I DO NOT Need Insurance

You do not need Insurance?
Consider first the article below:

Let's look at .....
How does the government insure all civil servants in ASKES and prepare their pension funds in TASPEN ...

How All BANKS Insure everyone who applied for credit at the bank ....
How every finance company and bank also insure every guarantee ....
The house is insured fire, the car is insured All Risk and others.

The question:
Do All Companies Not Have MONEY for their employees' health costs and have to buy Insurance?
Are the Leasing Companies sure that every house that is guaranteed SURE must be insured, or every CAR SURE LOST until all should also be insured?

REMEMBER !!! Insurance is for:
Sense of security ... yes, that's the insurance function ....

Currently I insure my SELF, and my family is not because I want to Sick, nor does it mean I want to OFF TOMOR .....
I buy insurance because:
1. I want, if sick, I do not need to SELL ASSETS I have collected for a long time, but it's Insurans that fund my treatment.
2. And I Want, if "TEAM OFFERING ME" my spouse and children STAY HAVE THE BEST LIFE ....
3. I also want to be old or PENSION EARLY I stay PROSPEROUS, because I have enough Pension Fund.
4. I also want to send my children in accordance with the DREAM of my children someday.

Friends, look and reflect on !!!

When there is his family Sick must give up ONLY ONE SOLE HOUSE FOR SALE only for medical treatment.

And when a head of household "dies" his wife is INTERESTED TO WORK to support her children who are still SMALL.
Regret usually comes late.

Check out the insurance that will be purchased. INSURANCE WAS GOOD and EVERYBODY NEEDS INSURANCE.

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