There Are 5 Reasons Why Insurance Is Important!

There Are 5 Reasons Why Insurance Is Important!

5 Reasons Why Insurance Is Important!
1. Life is full of uncertainty (meaning anyone can get sick or suddenly accidents unexpectedly) and if that happens then there is a considerable expenditure Fund, the question Are you ready if it happens suddenly on yourself You?

2. Life is too Old until the age of 75 years , while the average Productive age of the Indonesian people is 55 years, meaning there is a period of 20 years is not Productive anymore, whereas life Needs cost. Are You Already Preparing?

3. Too Short Life (suddenly died of Critical Illness or accident at a young age, whereas we leave the Son and wife) inheritance in the form of Assets not yet existed, no savings, Do You Defend Children Abandoned on the streets?

4. More Expensive Health Costs (even if there is JKSO = Everyone's Health Insurance). It's only temporary and should be in 8-room treatment, which makes us even more ill. Do you want to be like that?

5. Education costs are always rising. (Giving the best Education to the sons and daughters is everyone's dream) , but you are not enough just DREAM, there must be real Action for the future of the Son!
Education Insurance is one of the Solutions for Future Education of your Son, do not Wait for Children Lecture just remembered Education Fund, Late!

Plan since they are under 10 years old.
Be a Wise Man in Preparing for this life!
Regret always comes last...

Tips For Investing
Good choices greatly affect the success of life, one of which is determining the investment. Business success also depends on how we manage our choices. Because essentially economics such as business and investment is about choice.

In investing is highly dependent on many things. Before making an investment there are some suggestions as follows:

1. Define goals
Objectives must first be formulated, whether the investment aims to:
- Capital development
- Increase monthly income
- To save assets, or
- Just wanting liquid funds to be safer with investment.

2. Determine the grace period
The grace period is the use of funds for investment and real needs fulfillment. If there is enough funds that can be invested in a long time, investment options will be more diverse. The funds must be completely unused in meeting the needs of everyday life or other important needs.

3. Investment according to ability
This requirement is a bit heavy but absolutely follow. We must be able to invest in accordance with the available funds and must be able to control themselves and remain rational. Frequent investors are overflowing and ultimately bankrupt due to take investment options in accordance with the ability with the lure of large revenues. As smart people say, do not let us eat something that we can not swallow.

4. Use some investment instruments
Like classical advice in the investment world is "not putting money in one form of investment instrument". This is the key to success that must be applied and should always be remembered. Placing funds on a variety of investment options (each with risk and profit levels), making total assets safer than placing only one investment option.

By understanding the things above will facilitate us in choosing the type of investment. The main weakness of small investors in the stock market is a limited portfolio. Therefore, deposits deserve to be the main choice. In addition to its relatively fixed income, deposits are guaranteed by the government. With these guarantees will provide a sense of security for us.

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