Tips Choosing Health Insurance For Children

Tips Choosing Health Insurance For Children

Preparing health insurance such as preparing umbrellas before the rain, will be very useful if needed. There are still many people who take care about health insurance, but many also care about and consider important health insurance.

Health insurance is not only needed by adults, health insurance is also recommended for use by small children. Some things you should look for when choosing the right health insurance for your child:

1.   Choose the insurance that suits your financial situation. You do not have to force a vip facility if you can only pay a premium for a 2nd class room facility

2. Check inpatient facility. Individual health insurance, generally guarantees inpatient costs with details of room-per-night charges, ICU rooms, doctor visits or specialist doctors, anesthesia docs, surgical procedures, various treatments, diagnosis of physicians before and after admission

3.   For payment you should choose who accept the payment system with the card and not the system claims (billing) to facilitate you.

4. Check the completeness. Most health insurance only guarantees hospitalization. Instead, choose a health insurance that also guarantees outpatient and vaccinations for toddlers. Usually health insurance with this facility has a more expensive premium

5. Ask references to people who follow the same health insurance

6. Be careful with additional health insurance offerings because not all insurance can be claimed 2 (two) times (office and additional insurance alone)

7. Avoid choosing health insurance that requires you to seek treatment in areas far from your residence to obtain the services of your chosen health insurance.
The right choice gives a positive impact, so think carefully before choosing health insurance for children.

Preparing the cost of education is increasingly expensive to make people inevitably have to be smart menyiasatinya. In order to remain able to send a child in a school of good quality, consider the success tips Fauziah Arsiyanti, SE, MM, Dipl. FP, consultant of First Principal Financial-Singapore, to prepare children's education fund:

1.Menabung Early
Ideally, funds have been prepared since the child is still in the womb. Because, when the child is born, many other needs that must also be met. Preparing the cost early will be better (many) results, so the cost of more expensive schools can be overcome.

2. Determine Child School
Decide where the child will be schooled. Having a specific school goal is very important, in order to determine how much the cost of education is needed, and how much money you and your partner must set aside or tabungkan to achieve it.

3. Information Collection
Find out how much tuition is required for the education of the child in each school level you and your partner want. So, you already know how much it will cost when the time comes for the child to go to school.

4.Financial Condition
See thoroughly the current financial condition of your family. Check whether you both have debts, both short and long term, how much income and expenditure each month, and how many assets you have. From there, it will be seen whether with a certain period of time, the savings will make it possible to send children to school desired.
Do not forget, also adjust your desires and couples with the ability possessed. If the ordinary financial conditions alone, should not dream of being able to send children in expensive schools.

5. Investment Plan
Make a plan to prepare your Little Child's education fund. To be more clear and feel the benefits of investment that you and your partner do, consult this with financial planners. If you both want children to go to Elementary School A, for example, you and your partner have to save a certain amount each month for years.
Choose a financial instrument that can offset inflation, so when the time comes for Little School to go to school, enough funds and not "lost" by inflation.

6.Evaluation Routine
With the plan already made, periodically evaluate whether the required funding is sufficient, and find out the reason if not appropriate. The cause of the incomplete savings plan with the amount of savings, can occur, among others, because you and your spouse are not disciplined to save or not good at managing family finances.

7.Cost of School
When the child begins to go to school, the funds needed are for basic fees, monthly school fees, and extracurricular expenses. Do not forget, also calculate the inflation factor, so the increase in school costs can be overcome. To be more secure, enter the range of 10-15 percent for this one factor.
The amount of funds that should be set aside each month is not the same for each person, depending on the conditions of each including the destination school and the type of investor selected according to your style, whether conservative, moderate, or aggressive.

8. Staying Saving
Even if you are not saving early, it's never too late! Keep starting and saving spirit, though the results are not as good as starting from scratch.

9.Niat and Discipline
Too late to save or not, obviously you must have great intention to save. Apply the discipline of saving, working hard and not lifestyle luxury so that a well-made financial plan is not in vain and can be achieved. When you still have a wasteful habit, brake your shopping spirit. Do not let, your child has a good talent but not channeled, just because you do not have an unorganized financial plan.

10. Ordinary Conventions
Before having a financial instrument that will be used as a tool to invest, you and your partner should have regular savings (in cash) in the bank for emergency funds. For example, if one of your income is Rp 3 million per month and you both have a child, at least you should have a savings amount of three times your income, which is Rp 9 million.
So, if something happens that will cost suddenly, it can still be taken from the savings and the funds saved for the little one's education will remain safe.

11.Double Cost
If you have two children who at the same time have to sign up for a new school, it certainly costs double. All you have to do is save from the beginning. See the distance after them, to determine the amount of savings for each child.

If necessary, consult this with a financial planner, so you both know how much savings to achieve, and can find a solution when the financial condition changes.

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