When Is The Right Time To Buy "Health Insurance"?

When Is The Right Time To Buy "Health Insurance"?

How important is "health insurance" for you and your family? If your answer is important, do you already have it? if it is, then we congratulate for you, if you do not have, why? have not found the best health insurance for you and your family? or is there another reason?

Whatever your reasons, it is your right and at the same time the risks that you have to take on your own course, why?

A few days ago I received a call from a friend who had not met for a while, the last time I met him at a wedding ceremony of our friend about 1 year ago then, there we just exchanged business cards, and he expressed his intention to take " health insurance " and want to know more about the "health insurance" program of our company. Read: 4 Big Mistake The Customer When Buying Life Insurance

I contacted him several times to make an appointment as well as provide an explanation of our " health insurance " program, but because of his extraordinary busyness as an entrepreneur who often went out of town and so on, we finally had not seen each other since that.

Until a few days ago he phoned me to ask the terms and conditions of " health insurance " premium for his 57-year-old parents, then he told me that a few days ago one of his parents had a mild stroke and to this day is still being treated in hospital. and he asked if in such cases his parents can still be accepted to be a participant? he is also willing to pay more, as long as it is acceptable.

In principle I will help him to apply for this health insurance when his parents are back from the hospital, but I say that I do not dare to promise much and he understands enough and will accept my explanation.

Dear Mr. / Ms Hopefully the true story above can be a material evaluation and introspection for you, remember " You are not always able to be insured ", so according to you, when is the right time to buy " health insurance ? "

The importance of health insurance
According to Kimberly Lankford, author of The Insurance Maze: How You Can Save Money on Insurance and Still Get the Coverage You Need, health insurance is one health insurance that we must have. This insurance not only protects the health, but also the entire financial planning that we have created. Understandably, the cost of health today is very expensive and can suck up all our money.

Then, how to choose health insurance that will cover all medical expenses without burdened with various prerequisites. Here are the tips.

1. Know the maximum insurance provided by the insurance company. The larger the number given would be the better.

2. The larger the cuts are charged, the better. This deduction is used to pay all your medical bills.

3. Save all medical bills. If something happens, you have a document for proof.

4. Do not forget to learn and check every year to reduce the fraud that may occur.

"Prudential offers a unit linked health insurance product that has an investment value, so your money stays there (read: not burned), no claims or no claims."

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