List of The Best Outpatient and Inpatient Health Insurance

The best outpatient and inpatient health insurance - In health insurance products is usually divided into two, namely for outpatient and inpatient. But consumers or insurance participants also need health insurance outpatient and inpatient. Although some leading insurance companies have expanded their wings to provide outpatient and inpatient health insurance, most people remain focused on inpatient services alone, as it is considered more serious and more serious than outpatients. In fact, outpatients also need the same treatment and care.
List of The Best Outpatient and Inpatient Health Insurance

Apparently, there are some insurance companies that are focused to serve their insurance participants for outpatient. What are the companies? Let's look at the following list;

Simas Sehat Coorporate (Sinarmas Insurance)
This healthy simas is an insurance product issued by PT Sinar Mas. In this insurance product has guaranteed outpatient healthcare costs for customers and also families that have been dicovernya. There are also benefits obtained from this insurance user is the guarantee of childbirth and postpartum if there are family members who are pregnant, medical consultation fees and also medicines, regular dental care, and also the cost of replacement glasses lens.

Health Care Insurance (Bringin Life)
Bringin Life insurance company offers individual or individual outpatient health insurance. This type of insurance also focuses on outpatient care for customers who work as employees. There are so many benefits that can be obtained if a customer from health insurance Bringin Life especially for outpatient, such as; receive general medical check ups, receive compensation for a specialist consultation, substitute for the cost of medicines per year, laboratory test guarantees fees if the customer experiences serious disease symptoms, dental care costs, and also the replacement cost of eyeglass lenses. Claim submission process in this company fairly easy because it uses reimburse system.

Smarcare Executive Group (AXA)
In this insurance product, Smarcare provides protection for you and your family with the benefits of outpatient health insurance and highly profitable. This insurance product payment system is cashless and is valid throughout the hospital which is a partner of AXA with 24 hours service. If you do not want to be admitted to the hospital, you can do an outpatient treatment with care as well as medicines covered by AXA.

In addition to other diseases, the benefits of outpatient that can be obtained is the cost of regular dental care and optical lens replacement guarantees if you use glasses. For the insurance age age of this membership is 15 years to 60 years. Usually the premium given has been adjusted to the needs and insurance policies.

Maxi Violet (Allianz)
This health insurance covers the outpatient issued by Allianz. The company has cooperated with many existing hospitals, so that all people can get health services that have been adapted to the standards of IDI (Indonesian Doctors Association). The benefits of Maxi Violet insurance participants, especially for outpatient care are the cost of a guarantee for a consultation with a general practitioner or a specialist, accidental outpatient care, medical expenses, dental care costs and optical lens replacement. The system used by Allianz company is cashless that can be used in all hospitals.

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