3 Cheap and Useful Family Insurance Products

Cheap family insurance products - In terms of type, there are two kinds of insurance that is individual health insurance and also family insurance. For individual insurance, the company will guarantee personal healthcare costs only for policyholders without additional family. But for someone who has more than one family member, it would be better to protect all family members so that they can live safely and quietly.
Cheap family insurance products

In fact, family health insurance does have a premium that is more expensive than the individual type because of the large number of people borne, but it is the right way to choose so you can stay together with family comfortably and do activities together.

Best Family Insurance Options
Here are some of the best family health insurance products you can consider to provide insurance coverage for your loved ones:

# 1. Family Eazicare
Family Eazicare is one of the family health insurance products offered by Cigna Indonesia. This product is an insurance that can protect 5 family members with one premium. Insurance like this is considered more efficient because each family member does not need to buy the policy separately. Parties covered are husband, wife, and also 3 children.

Many benefits can be obtained by becoming a Cigna customer, among others:

Benefits of inpatient costs in the form of daily allowance, surgery, daily allowance for intensive space or ICU
Accidental death benefit due to accident, dental care benefit
Benefits of an ambulance fee
There is also the cost of compensation for outpatient and also the cost of companion when in hospital or on the way.
The payment system can be cashless so that you and your family only need to show Cigna card to the administration officer.

# 2. Insurance Mandiri Health Insurance
This insurance is a family health insurance product offered by AXA Mandiri. Here, you and your family as customers will get comprehensive protection especially if family members are hospitalized. Given a discount on you who enroll the family as a member of this customer.

Many of the benefits that you get from AXA are given daily benefits for hospitalization, ICU care, surgical costs, and also get transportation costs to the hospital. The customer will also get a 100% premium refund if there are no claims within 5 years. In addition, customers also only pay a premium of 10 months for premium manifold annual.

# 3. Smarthealth Maxi Violet from Allianz
In addition to the types of insurance for families mentioned, there are still many types of health insurance that is for your family as a whole like Smarthealth Maxi Violet from Allianz. Smarthealth is an insurance that can be used for individuals and also for families. This insurance offers a number of benefits to its customers, including:

- Reimbursement of care costs if you or any of the families suffer from an illness or accident requiring hospitalization
- In addition to basic benefits such as inpatient fees, customers will receive a variety of rider or other additional benefits such as outpatient, dental care, labor costs and also no waiting period for certain diseases.
- The payment facility is cashless so you do not have to pay for service at the partner hospital of Allianz
- Have a reimburse claim system so that the insurer will pay in full reimbursement of the cost of care and treatment, and
- Getting a discount in the extension of a sentence if within a year there is no submission of any claim.

By choosing the best cheap insurance for your family, you can indirectly provide protection to your family's health from the risk of illness or accident so you can stay alive with your family safely and peacefully.

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