How To Claim Benefit Life Insurance If Death?

Death benefit life insurance - Have you ever learned about life insurance claims? Maybe you've often heard or have made health claims contained in life insurance, when they are hospitalized in hospital or go to see a doctor. But what about life insurance claims due to death? Maybe not many people have done it. How to claim life insurance? Let us refer to the following section.

Life insurance
As you probably already know, life insurance is a protection against financial loss caused by the insured risk of death or total permanent disability. Life insurance claims caused by the risk of death or total permanent disability is usually done by members of his family, not by the insured, because the insured is not able to take care of the claim.
How To Claim Benefit Life Insurance If Death

Therefore, it is actually quite important if a family member has insurance, then all members of the nuclear family know the benefits of the insurance and know how to claim the insurance coverage in case of unwanted risk. Below is a way to claim life insurance coverage if the insured dies.

How To Claim Life Insurance If The Insured Dies
An insurance claim is an obligation that the insurance company must pay to the insured or the beneficiary of an insurance. Life insurance claims are one of the benefits of insurance ownership.

Actually, life insurance claims can be handled easily because there are many insurance companies that provide ease of life insurance claim process. However, due to lack of understanding of how to claim life insurance, many people find it difficult to take care of life insurance claims.

Here are some procedures how to claim life insurance, if the insured dies, which you can make general guidelines when managing life insurance claims, among others:
-You as a claimant of life insurance claim must inform the insurance company that the insured person has died. Prepare copies of death certificates issued by funeral homes or state offices. The death certificate contains data on when, where, and the cause of death of the insured. Usually insurance companies will ask things related to the insured, such as the insurance policy number, insured insurance policy status, and other information related to the death of the insured.

- After that, the insurance company will submit life insurance claim form due to the risk of death. Complete the life insurance claim form.

- After you fill out the complete life insurance claim form, include the supporting files completely, including:

- Polis and Endorsement (Original).

- Photocopy of all laboratory and radiology examination results.

- Photocopy of identity card or identity of beneficiaries.

- Certificate of death from Doctor / Hospital, which contains the cause of death of the insured.

- Certificate of Death from local government.

- The original police statement (BAP) if the insured dies by accident.

Why Young Coupons Must Have Life Insurance Is Premium Rp500 Thousand Enough
If you have completed the above documents, the insurance company will immediately analyze and process life insurance claims. The process of life insurance claims analysis in the form of verification of the status of the insurance policy is still active, then the data related to the insured, the information about the death of the insured, and verification of the evidence of the death of the insured is true or not. And also the terms and exemption of insurance claims filing related to the cause of death of the insured.

If the life insurance claim is considered valid and true then the company will perform the calculation of obligations to be paid insurance companies to beneficiaries who have been appointed by the previous insured. - Death benefit life insurance

The final procedure of filing a life insurance claim is a life insurance claim payment. We recommend that you inform the insurance company about your bank account information first. The process of life insurance claims sometimes takes a long time because insurance companies are very careful and careful when analyzing life insurance claims, especially if insurance claims reach more than 1 billion rupiah.

Some Reasons That Cause Denied Claims Denied
There are several reasons or exceptions that may cause death claims to be rejected, including:
- Su1_c1d3, su1_c1d3 attempts or self-injury committed by the Insured Person, whether committed in a conscious or unconscious state, within a period of several years from the date of entry into force of the insurance policy. But after a few years in the policy or contract agreement, the insurance company is obliged to pay claims, even for reasons of su1_c1d3 though.

- In some insurance companies, in accordance with the terms of the policy, the company reserves the right to refuse or cancel the claim if the customer has proven to have misinformed when filing the life insurance application form. There is a discrepancy between the data provided by the customer and the facts that exist, or in other words the customer is lying about the information or data given when filing.

- The insured dies of death by a court of law, or dies for intentionally committing or participating in a crime or a criminal trial, either directly or indirectly.

- The insured dies as a result of a crime or attempted crime committed by an interested party over the insurance benefit, usually the beneficiary or beneficiary owner.

Understand the Requirements How To Claim Life Insurance In The Policy Before Buying
From all the above information, there is one important thing that you should know as an insurance customer, that you must know how the requirements of the claims contained in the book of policy or contract agreement. Because the insurance company will refer to the terms of the contract at the time to pay the claim, including if the company refuses to pay claims. Death benefit life insurance

Therefore, you should read and understand, at least some of the important things contained in the policy book before buying the insurance.

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