The Implementation of Islamic Sharia in Insurance Accounting

The implementation of Islamic Sharia in Insurance Accounting

The Implementation of Islamic Sharia in Insurance Accounting

a. Shariah mudharabah contract with Accounting.
In this contract there is a separation of the management of funds between Fund shareholders (DPS) and the Fund participant insurance (DPA). The company acts as the holder of the mandate to manage the contributions received from participants who used when among the participants of the calamity.

On the other hand, participants agreed that the new funds deposited will be managed professionally by the operator. If at the end of the period, participants who do not get the disaster will earn for the results. Thus, in this contract funds deposited participants belong to the participant, and not to be used for the benefit of shareholders. Konsikuensinya, system accounting is applied must be separated between the Shareholder Fund Accounting (DPS) and accounting Fund Participant insurance (DPA).

b. Accounting wakalah contract with Sharia.
In this contract there is no separation between the shareholders ' funds of penegelolaan with Fund participants of the insurance. The company received funding from participants ' tabarru and reserves the right to use for all activities of the company. The funds came from shareholders with Fund participants are mixed together. So, consequently, the accounting should not be separated between the shareholder fund accounting with accounting Fund participants of the insurance.

Based on the description of the previous chapter the author can put forward conclusions as follows.
• Insurance is a Non-bank financial institutions aiming to provide protection or protection for losses inflicted by the financial events that were not previously thought.

• Islamic Insurance, is a system where the participants of the menginfaqkan or the grant of some or all of the contributions that will be used to pay claims, in case of accident experienced by most participants. The role of companies here only as insurance and investment management operations from funds or contributions received/assigned to the company.

• The principles of syariah insurance run in operte activities inter alia cooperate or bantu-membantu, protect from different distress and suffering each other, mutual responsibility, and avoid elements that contain gharar, maysir and usury.

• The most fundamental Differences between sharia insurance kovensional insurance is on the existence of the Surveillance Board of Syariah (PDS), Akkadian, Investment funds, ownership of funds, payment of claims and benefits.

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