The Calculation The Price of Car Insurance Premiums

Whether private vehicles is very important to you? Maybe for some people it is very important in particular private vehicle wheeled vehicles four. A great many benefits we can get if we have a car in everyday life – day. First, we can use the car as a means of personal transportation that will be much easier to compare we should use public transportation with a potluck.

The Calculation of The Price Of Car Insurance Premiums

Besides being used as a means of transport, cars also we can use as a tool to do the job we are like business, selling merchandise clothing in large quantities we normally would bother if you don't have a car. But, not without risks if we have a private vehicle. A lot of bad things that sometimes we thought never come late afternoon.

The increasing numbers of crime and high rates of accidents is one of the main factors that could be accepted by the owners of private cars if they are off guard. The occurrence of collisions in the course,-shoulder with other vehicles, the car suffered a fire in the engine, seizure of vehicles, even acts of theft of your vehicle carried out by irresponsible people.

Before we experience events that we do not want it's good we must also continue to stay up – keep by registering our vehicles to the existing insurance companies in Indonesia. Using all the financial losses of vehicle insurance we can avoid.

You simply pay an annual premium to the insurance company. But you need to know also that any insurance company could not go around giving the value of the premium is high, because OJK (Financial Services Authority) has set out how the lowest premium value to the highest which can be issued each car insurance company on the customer

Based on the CekPremi.Com site, here is a matter of the cost of Car insurance premiums according to the rules:

Car insurance companies usually have two insurance product protection on the first is All Risk and the second is TLO, I will first explain the calculation of the cost of premiums if you use All Risk types:

-For example, you've bought a new car with the brand of the Corolla Altis is priced at $35. Of course, the car will You insure with the use of the combined protection facilities or comprehensive. To find out how big a premium you pay for the following calculations:

If you want the expansion of third-party assurance means premiums you have to pay is with the details:

Next is the calculation of the cost of premiums that you have to remove if using TLO insurance types:

For example, you've recently had a private car with Innova brand is priced on the market valued at $3000. Will you insure with perlindugan TLO plus guarantee flood and riot. To find out how much premiums paid is the breakdown:

That's the calculation of these two types of insurance product you have to pay if registered on the company's insurance company. Lots of benefits that you can receive and the cost of the premiums can be cheap with all the advantages that you can get.

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