Shariah Compliant Insurance Products [Takaful Family]

Shariah Compliant Insurance Products [Takaful Family]

Shariah-compliant insurance actually happened is mutually responsible, bantu-membantu and protect the participants themselves. Takaful insurance company given (amanah) by the participants to manage premium participants, developed with the halal, provide compensation to those who suffered a disaster match the contents of the deed of Covenant Muhammad in Hilaliyah (2008:41).

Shariah-Compliant Insurance Products [Takaful Family]

In life, a man will surely experience a disaster or an issue in which the problem will cause a loss or a risk. Well in this case no such thing as insurance, which serves as a solution to address it.

As Muslims here we will discuss about the accounting transaction Insurance yag Islamic of course. So the existence of this discussion then we'll know and understand about Insurance accounting. Accounting of insurance that we will discuss here are used in Islamic finance institutions.

In the Islamic insurance accounting there are a few principles that exist therein should diterpakan include: mutual responsibility, mutual cooperation, mutual protect. And akuntnasi conventional and Sharia insurance has a difference. And with this we would present a paper that will expose these things. Read: 7 Elements of Insurance Contract

Family takaful takaful is a form of protection in the face of disaster and accident death over death accident in takaful participants will receive appropriate compensation agreements are a family/heirs, or the designated person, in which case no heir. In the accident accident not resulting in death, the death benefit will be received by participants who have experienced a disaster.

According to Muhammad in Hilaliyah (2008:42), a type of takaful family include:

1. individual elements with a takaful Product savings, include:
a. Takaful plan/investment funds
b. the Takaful Fund of Hajj
c. the Takaful fund education/students
d. the Takaful Fund Office
e. Takaful hasanah

2. Products without individual item savings takaful, include:
a. individual health Takaful
b. the individual accident Takaful
c. Takaful Al-Khairat individuals

3. Collection of takaful Products
a. Accident Takaful Self Collection
b. Takaful Assembly ta ‟ lim
c. Takaful Al-Khairat
d. Takaful Al-Khairat + Savings of Hajj (Hajj Dues Takaful)
e. Financing Takaful
f. Student Accident Takaful
g. Takaful Tour and travel
h. Takaful Medicare
i. Takaful Hajj and umrah

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