The Sense Of Personal Accident Insurance

Personal accident insurance is a type of coverage that guarantees the human self as an object of a certain amount of money to the insured in the event of the occurrence of the death, permanent disability or total care/treatment as a direct result of the accident.

The Sense Of Personal Accident Insurance

In terms of personal accident insurance policy referred to in article 1 is about:

-The insurer is PT. Asuransi Jiwa Central Asian Kingdom
-Polis is a letter agreement contains an insurance agreement between the insurer and the insured, the policy is also one of the first written evidence of the existence of a treaty akin assured an insurance agreement (Article 255 KUHD)

-Policyholders is the Body/Assembly/associations and the like in the form of a legal entity that made a Covenant group personal accident insurance with the insurer, the letter of Request is a letter in the contents with complete and correct by candidate policyholders and prospective participants/the insured that is the basis of this policy agreement, in this case performance, but in good faith with regard to a positive obligation to voluntarily disclose accurately and completely all the facts material regarding the risk/object that you want to insure either asked or not asked (article 251KUHD), related to the closing.

Participant List-is a list of the names of the insurance agreement held over him, the list of names is a part that is inseparable from the policy.

-Premium is an amount of money that must be paid by the policyholder to the Insurer in accordance with the exchanged.

-The slighted is the person or entity who is entitled to receive the sum assured/assured benefits based on the appointment in the polis.

-Sum assured is the amount of money specified in the policy will be paid in accordance with the requirements of the policy.

-Accident is Violence both physical and chemical nature, can be seen clearly, coming unexpectedly from outside and is the direct and sole cause of bodily injury.

In the provisions of article 1, which is included in the accident is Injured, which means a diterjadi body damage just by accident.
-Total Incapacity is a good body of injury that is fixed which is a direct cause of the inability of participants doing daily activities according to his profession.

-The inability of a portion of the Agency's injury is good which is fixed which is the direct cause of the inability of participants doing daily activities according to his profession.

-Permanent disability is a disability that lasts for twelve consecutive months and at the end of that period there is no hope to recover it back,.

-Loss of Limb is lost or amputation of limbs due to accidents are limited on hand at or above the wrist or of a foot at or above the ankles,.

-Lost fingers or feet is Terpotongnya or a River partially or completely due to accidents, above the last joints of the fingers and wrists, or last joints of the feet between the toes and ankles.

-Loss of function is losing his physical ability or effectiveness of the participants or the insured.

-Treatment costs are the costs incurred or paid by the participant or the insured to: treatment on doctors, hospitals and ambulance Services or medicines included; pembedahanmedis purposes of x-rays and hospitals but not include the cost of dental care, except the treatment needed to cure a tooth to its original state that is caused by injuries. when participants/tertanggung get a replacement part or entirely to that kind of treatment from another source, then the insurer is only liable for the membayarkelebihan sum of the limit that has been set. air travel is located inside a commercial aircraft for the purpose of the flight.

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