The Sense Of a Work Accident Insurance

Work accident insurance is insurance provided by workers when during a work accident or stricken with the disease who need health care more than 4 days, it will be given the care treatment, and if during the the period of the treatment of workers could not work then the 70% of the average wage will also be provided, and if the worker dies then the benefit for the left would refer to the social insurance institution in Korea.

The Sense Of a Work Accident Insurance

For foreign workers who are legally or illegally will be treated in a balanced way and if already eligible to apply for a work accident insurance and can receive benefits is expressed from the insurance, then even though the owner of the business does not give permission, workers can still register the employment accident insurance.

Employment insurance registration procedures for foreign workers

Welfare Service Center open, then complete the form for the service of treatment for accidents in the health institutions is available, then collect the forms in your work place jurisdiction branch
※ Process will ensure the accident investigation duties/work from the owner of the business and the worker concerned and may request supplementary documents if needed, so the process can take some time.
※ When registering for diseases suffered the consequence of work done then must wait for a decision from the Council for occupational diseases.

This type of insurance payments

Scr reimbursemenz payment: If the treatment process takes more than four days then treatment will be given by designated health institutions
Payment of wages while working: If a work accident or disease and during recovery does not work, then 70% of the average wage will be given
The retired corporal compensation: If after undergoing medical treatment for 2 years but there are still no signs of recovery, it will be given a pension in accordance with the kompesasi
Disability allowance: If after undergoing medical treatment, there is a disability incurred then based on 14 types of existing levels of disability will be given allowances in accordance with the level of disability suffered

Benefit for the left if the worker dies, it will be given a pension fund for the family left behind (in a round number) and will be given allowances for funeral process.

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