Understanding the Benefits and Insurance According to Experts

Understanding the Benefits and Insurance According to Experts - The notion of insurance quoted by Soeisno Djojosoedarso in his book entitled "the principles of risk management and insurance", namely:

Understanding the Benefits and Insurance According to Experts

"Insurance is the agreement by which one party, the insurer – committing yourself to others, to indemnify the insured – which can be suffered by the insured, because of the occurrence of an event which has been designated and which has not been naturally as well as by chance, by which the insured also promised to pay a premium ". (Soeisno, 1999:72)

The notion of it can be drawn the conclusion that insurance is a transfer of loss due to the risk that may occur upon the specified object from the parties concerned as the insured to the insurer as the insurer based on the agreement between the parties with the insurer the insured the insured parties with the terms of paying the premium amount of money to the insurer in return diversion of such losses and, if really incurred losses on the specified object, the insurer will pay to the insured an amount of money as damages.

Insurance Benefits For Life
Insurance is very beneficial for the socio-economic life of the society and the State. According to Soeisno Djojosoedarso in his book "the principles of risk management and insurance", insurance benefits for social life and in memproduktifkan economic activity was as follows:

1. to provide a sense of security
One that encourages the birth of insurance businesses is the instinctive impulse there as everyone, that desire will be a sense of security. In which case psychological aspects may be manifested in attitude or may also give rise to a new attitude, as they contemplated the existence of tools towards the fulfillment of his desire (to be renewed). With the security of insurance will be fulfilled and will get rid of worries and fear of uncertainty will be a particular hazard.

2. Mengeliminir dependency.
Development of unfavorable developments might be experienced by someone who caused by factors of economy/Finance experienced by others, to whom the person concerned is dependent.

3. The contribution to education
Life insurance companies have much give special attention in the provision of funds for the continuation of the education of children after parents or responsible fund it dies or declines his ability. On the situation of such children generally haven't been able to earn revenue on its own, so it will have difficulties to continue their education. To anticipate the fact that life insurance companies generally have been providing various forms of insurance.

4. Contribution to social institutions
Most of the needs of the operational funds of social institutions hang him from a donation from the donateur. In the condition of the economy is fraught with uncertainty, would probably result in the onset of doubt for donateur to keep donating money, due to the fear of losing property or not provided today. But when the donateur has been insuring itself against the risks in question, then the doubts and fears there will be no more, so that those concerned can still be a loyal donateur.

5. Stimulation of saving
Narrowly it may be argued that insurance is berubungan with the issue of punitive damages, but given in life insurance has added a clause which highlighted more penabungan element, then this element can not be ignored in the in discuss the role of insurance. Disampingitu has also started merging diintrodusir/pengombinasian insurance program with a savings account, for example, Taska (Savings Insurance futures) organized by the Government-owned banks (STATE-OWNED).

6. Provide the funds needed for investment
The activities carried out by insurance companies has developed in such a way, so that's a pretty important role in providing the funds needed in the various activities as well as economic development. In addition, individuals who are not willing or not able to handle its own utilization of funds, he can make use of those funds by way of channeling their funds by participating in the insurance program, which further such funds by insurance companies is channeled into various investment projects benrtuk.

7. Complete the credit requirements.
When a person or a specific entrepreneur in need of funds from a bank/lender, then the lender will usually require the existence of the insurance for the goods that are used as collateral or are there credit insurance for itself.

8. Accelerate the rate of economic growth
Contracts in general insurance/loss is usually a premium paid in advance in order for the mennyaratkan and the peruahaan millik Fund insurance. In the course of its life insurance companies have been able to mengakumulir funds in no small amount, the funds collected are usually implanted successfully in various fields of endeavor, either get a fee for the source the operation of the insurance activities as well as to increase income. So the funds collected by the insurance company is one of the sources of funds that are very meaningful in accelerating the pace of economic development.

9. Reduce the cost of capital
In order to be able to attract capital to finance business areas that the big risk, then the level of opinion/return/interest will be given to owners of capital should be higher. When the risks facing it can be redirected/insured then the risk faced by owners of capital into smaller, then the owners of capital will be willing to accept interest rates (return). This means the capital costs to be borne by the company (users of capital) will be smaller.

10. Guarantee the stability of the organization/company
When an enterprise includes employees in the insurance program, will carry the psychological impact that snagat meant for employees, which will be positively impact against their behavior that will be very profitable for companies, especially with regard to issues of human resource management and the achievement of efficiency and effectiveness of their work.

11. Encourages the efforts of prevention
Insurance companies doing punitive efforts encourage companies/individuals who become insured, to increase prevention efforts/protect themselves from hazards that can cause any harm.

12. Help increase conservation efforts of health
Other efforts are being made to avoid/minimize the causes of the incidence of losses is the campaigns conducted by life insurance companies to policyholders in particular or to society generally, relating with the efforts of prevention of death or health care.

With the insurance companies, from the services produced by insurance companies or other insurance activities of the insurance benefits would be greatly felt by both the parties directly involved in the activities of insurance or for which are not directly involved in it. At first the role of insurance just to satisfy human needs, namely the need for a sense of security from risk insurance in this case very felt by those involved in the activities of the insurance. Along with the development of the insurance business that is associated with a variety of aspects, such as economic and social aspects then the role of insurance insurance more felt by both the parties directly involved in the activities of insurance or by the other parties that are not directly involved in the activities of the insurance.

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