Car Insurance Claim Process

Insurance is indeed becoming the perfect solution for repair claims against damage your car ranging from minor to major damage. Then really help you in saving expenses when urgent circumstances.

Car Insurance Claim Process

However, for the process of filing a claim nor indiscriminate. Insurers will learn in advance what the cause is and how his chronological. Because any damage claims can be in accordance with the procedures, terms and conditions apply which are already set by insurers.

Car insurance claim 5 process:

1. Contact the Related Insurance

Prior to the filing of insurance for the damage the car that you naturally of course should contact the insurance that will cover all the losses you get. The process of reporting a claim is usually done a maximum of 3 x 24 hours after the incident.

2. Provide or attach a Photo Proof

Include evidence of original photos of cars that suffered damage is one requirement before filing a claim. Because the photos will become a reference for the insurance in order to immediately process and confident on the claim that you submit.

3. Fill out the Form for filing a claim

How to claim car insurance next blisters is to fill the form of filing a claim. You will be given an application form from the insurance to be filled and explaining what you're report. Try to fill in as complete a – complete, not to be missed at all.

The more complete the better it will be, because your explanation in the claim form will be used as reference for the attachment of the financing process. In addition at the time of consideration, surely the insurance will include the form to be used as one of the ingredients of such reasoning.

4. Provide information and chronology of Events Clearly

When you are given a variety of questions by insurers try to explain and expose as much detail as possible. Do not provide information which begs the question subsequently. Once explain directly could be accepted.

Then avoid giving explanations that don't make any sense (doubtful – doubt). The answers are in doubt – doubts and confusion can be clearly read by the person you're talking to. Therefore, answer each question with confidence and steadiness.

5. Preparation of the documents required

Appendix supporting documentation also must include to support all existing processes. Documents – these documents include documents document accidents and responsibility of third parties.

The following description of the document that you are obliged to complete, among others:

-Document Accident
The document includes accident claim form that was already completed. The filing of new claims could be processed by the insurance company, if you as a policyholder is correct – completely charging against the claim form in full.

Then mandatory to include a photo copy of car insurance policy. Car insurance policy is the document used to prove participation or keangggotaan you as a customer of the insurance company. In addition, used to checking premium payment is in compliance with an agreed treaty or not.

Next copy driving licence (SIM). SIM is used to ensure that drivers have gotten permission from the police and allowed to drive a car. There is another VEHICLE REGISTRATION copy used to prove that the vehicle's true – true claim as yours.

The last certificate given by the police that would later serve as the material considerations before deciding to provide compensation in accordance with the claim or not from the insurance company.

Documents are the responsibility of third parties (if any third parties) of this document was later used as a requirement to obtain compensation from third parties. Besides, it can also be used as a guarantee that the policy holder was true existence which becomes the cause of the damage to the car of a third party.

Later documents complement such affidavit that did not have insurance. Experience that ever existed on some insurance companies will not pay as damages when a third party already have automobile insurance.

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