Car Insurance Claim Process [Filing Procedure]

Car Insurance Claim Process - The claim is an effort policyholders asking for compensation to insurance companies because of an accident or theft against cars that are insured. How is the procedure for making a claim to be made by the policyholder?

Contact the insurance company
If your car had an accident or stolen, things you should do first is to contact the insurance company concerned within 3 x 24 hours (by phone, SMS, via email, or directly come to the company). This is to avoid your car insurance claim denial because the reason the passing of the time period specified.

Provide photographic evidence
At the time of accident and the car is still able to walk, should bring the car into the garage of one of the partners of the insurance company. If you have a damaged car, preferably a photo in advance. This photo will be the proof that it is indeed really had an accident.

Fill out the form
You must also fill in the form provided by the insurance company. This form as one of the document's completeness to the success of your claim.

car insurance claim process

Provide clear information
The next thing you should do is to provide information about the sequence of events at the insurance company with the truth. This will be a consideration of the insurance company if your claim is denied (because it gives a fictitious information) or accepted (because it gives information that makes sense).

Setting up a document
You must also complete the documents offered by insurance companies. As for documents are as follows:

Document accident
  • The new claims process will be conducted, if the insurance company policyholders already fill the claim form in full.
  • Car insurance policy copy. This document to prove that he is indeed really be the clients on the insurance company. In addition, to determine if the premiums had been paid according the Treaty or not.
  • Copy SIM. This document to figure out properly before he was allowed by the police for driving a car.
  • Photo copy of VEHICLE REGISTRATION FEES. It is also the proof that his car or not.
  • Affidavits of police. This document also into consideration companies to give compensation or not.
  • The document is the responsibility of the third party (if there are any third parties)

Statement demands compensation from third parties. 
  • This document makes the guarantee that it is true policyholders resulting in damage to the car of a third party.
  • Affidavit of no insurance. Usually there are some insurance companies would not redress if third parties have car insurance. Therefore, this document is a requirement.
  • Photo copy of driver's license, ID card, and VEHICLE REGISTRATION. SIM to ensure that motorists already have permission from police. ID CARD and VEHICLE REGISTRATION FEES be proof that the car was indeed his rights.
  • Affidavits of police. This letter proves that it is indeed at the moment and in the place of the accident against the car.

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