Health Insurance Claim Process [5 Steps are Performed]

The Steps Do Health Insurance Claims - One of the types of insurance may be an option to protect your financial stability is health insurance. 

The benefits of having health insurance is an insurance company will bear the financial risk due to health problems that happened to you or the family in accordance with the provisions on the scope of the policy. 

In order for filing insurance claims for the cost of the hospital took place smoothly, follow the steps below.

Step 1: Understand Health insurance claim Procedure

Broadly speaking, there are two types of health insurance claims procedures i.e. the system card (cashless) and replacement system (reimbursement). On the system card, the insurance company will make the payment directly to the hospital. So, you don't need to pay a security deposit and the cost of the hospital. 

As for the replacement system, usually you must first set up an amount of money for the cost of medical treatment. Furthermore, hospital fees you spend will be reimbursed by the insurance company after you fill out the form and filing insurance claims. Make sure the procedure of claims is very important for you.

Step 2: fill out the claim form Insurance

Health insurance claims for filing with the replacement system (reimbursements), you need to fill out a form to file insurance claims. You must fill out the form, complete with all the details related to the policyholders. 

Data ID number/Passport number, policy number/number of members, the names of policyholders, etc. need to be listed in full. On some forms, you need to fill in data about hospitals, are equipped to handle doctor's signature and stamp of the hospital.

Step 3: Attach a complete Hospital Bill

Hospital bills are usually consists of the identity of the patient, the diagnosis of the disease, the costs of the action, the cost of drugs, the doctor's name, and the date the medical handling. You must observe all information in the hospital bills carefully. Lest there be errors associated with identity, the amount of the costs, as well as the type of disease that is diagnosed. 

For errors contained on the identity of the patient or other information could make the claim process is delayed or even rejected by insurance companies. Immediately do a consultation with the hospital if there are any billing information that could trigger rejection of insurance claims.

Step 4: make a claim as soon as possible

Health insurance claim reimbursement system should not be suspended. This is because insurance companies usually have a limit of expiry to arrange the insurance claims filed by the insured.

If you make a claim after the expiration date, surely your insurance claim will be rejected by insurance companies. The sooner you file an insurance claim, then you will more quickly obtain the replacement cost.

Step 5: keep copies of your files insurance claims

After filing a claim, you should keep a number of copies of the files that are required for insurance claims. You can save your hospital bills as well as other administrative completeness which had been photocopied. 

Save copies of your files insurance claims will be useful when insurance companies are experiencing data loss insurance claims You unintentionally. You can use the copy of the file to complete the insurance claims data is incomplete.

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