4 Tips on How to Claim Life Insurance When He Died

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You've got a life insurance policy? Do you know how to claim life insurance when he died? If You already have life insurance policy, I congratulate you because you have already prepared Your heirs some money if one day You died.

However, if you are a time of death, how Your heirs can make claims to the insurance company? Have you ever thought of this?

4 Tips on how to Claim life insurance When he died

If not, let's check out some tips from me so that so that Your heirs can make claims to the insurance company when you died.

1. Inform the beneficiary On your policy

The first thing you should do when insurance agents provide life insurance policy You are please tell the beneficiary that you have your current life insurance policy. Explain also the outline of the contents of the policy, for example, what are its benefits and how much sum assured him.

2. Inform the beneficiary About the conditions for making claims

After you notify the beneficiary of your life insurance policy on you, the next stage is to inform you of the heirs are also terms that should come when making a claim if you died. To the terms of submission of claim life insurance.

3. Inform the beneficiary About the insurance company

That is no less important to be known by Your beneficiary is informed about your insurance company. For example, Your agent's phone number, the phone number of Your agent, the leader's phone number and complete address of your agent's place of refuge Office, as well as phone number, address and email address of the Head Office of the insurance company.

4. Keep your life insurance policy and store it in a safe place

Make sure your policy is always stored in a safe place. Because Your original insurance policy is the requirement that there must be mandatory when the beneficiary You do claim to the insurance company. If for example your policy is lost or damaged, you must immediately report it to your insurance company. In addition, notify also the location where the storage of Your life insurance policy to the beneficiary.

So some tips from me so that Your heirs can easily do claim process when you died.

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