Insurance Adjuster Job Description for Resume

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Claims adjusting claims, such as claims filed after car accidents or fires in the home. Adjuster important role paying because he reviewed the claim to determine the amount payable by the insurance company. 

According to the Bureau of labor and statistics, claims adjusters have more employment opportunities with health insurance companies. In addition, employment in the field is expected to grow 7 percent from 2010 to 2018.

insurance adjuster job description

Adjustment of claims are required to evaluate your insurance claims and report their findings to the insurance company. If they suspect fraudulent activities, they should report their suspicions to the investigators. 

The work usually involves taking pictures that are sent to the insurance company to review the damage. If evaluating the damage requires expert advice, the adjuster may seek professional advice, such as construction engineer.

Adjustment of claims at least have a HIGH SCHOOL diploma. Some bosses may require that their superiors have a college degree or vocational training is preferred in business. 

In addition, the device may be required to have at least two years of related experience in insurance. Many employers offer training classes that teach them about adjustments to handle claims and the industry standard.

Adjustment claims must have good communication ability because they were required to obtain information from plaintiffs and witnesses. They must have a good driving record as they may need to travel to several different locations. Good math skills needed in calculating the adjustment.

Adjustment of claims requested to inspect the damaged property, such as a building or a House, it may be vulnerable to injury due to damage the floor or roof which collapsed. The work may require travel to several different locations. 

The adjustment could even be called to the disaster site, such as a tornado, hurricane or flood. Their work schedule can be very busy and can include weekends or holidays.

BLS reported that the claims adjustment earning an average of $55,760 per in May 2008. They are employed by insurance companies receive bonuses and other perks that contribute to their salaries. 

Many employers also provide laptop, phone and company car to adjust. This results in significant savings on the adjuster.

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