Insurance Claim Process for Car Accidents [Properly]

How to file a Car insurance claim properly - Car insurance claims are attempts of policyholders when asking for damages on the part of the insurance company due to theft or accident against cars or vehicles that have been insured. 

Here we'll be talking about car insurance claim filing procedure by policyholders.

When your car has been stolen or lost due to accident, the first thing to do is to contact the insurance company within 3 × 24 hours. You can contact by phone, SMS, email or by coming directly to the Office of the insurance company. 

insurance claim process for car accidents

This should be prioritized in order to avoid the rejection of "car insurance claims" which you submit the grounds passed from the time period which is already specified.

When it was wrecked and the car is still able to walk, should the car be brought to one of the service station designated by the insurance company. 

If the car has severely damaged the car, preferably photographed or documented first. This photo will be the proof that actually had an accident.

Policyholders must fill out a form provided by the insurance company. The form is one of the document's completeness to the approval of the claim car insurance. Next is to give information about the chronological events to insurance companies with real information. 

This will be a consideration of whether the insurance company claims will be approved or rejected. In addition, the policy holder is obligated to complete some documents offered by insurance companies. The documents that must be prepared as follows:

# Document crash
  • Claim form is already in the content. The new claims process will be carried out by the insurance company if the policyholder has a claim with complete filling the form.
  • Copies or photocopies of car insurance policy. This later document as evidence that the policy holder was right into the customer at an insurance company. In addition, this document to find out if the premiums had been paid or not.
  • A copy or photocopy of a DRIVER'S LICENSE.
  • A copy or photocopy of VEHICLE REGISTRATION FEES.
  • Certificate from the local police. This document will be a consideration of insurance companies to give compensation or not.

# Documents are the responsibility of third parties (if there are any third party)
  • Waiver of claims for damages from third parties. This document can be used as a guarantee that policyholders that have resulted in damage to the car of a third party.
  • Statement about the lack of insurance. Generally there are a number of insurance companies that will not replace the loss when third parties have car insurance. Therefore, this document became one of the very important terms.
  • Certificate from the local police. This letter will be the proof that it is indeed at times and in certain places have an accident.

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