The Understanding and Role of Insurance Broker

The understanding and role of Insurance Broker - Generally, the Insurance Broker is an entity established to assist clients insurance in order to obtain his rights in full upon the insurance company where the customer listed his name as policyholders.

Insurance broker in his capacity as the agency that protects the interests of the wider community formed by the Government directly. This is a manifestation of the Government's hand in giving the length of the guarantee and protection of the users of insurance across the country. In other words, this broker is under some form of Government, so that its function is in the capacity as an institution and cannot be replaced by different individuals, working with an insurance agent.

Insurance agent is a person who is appointed and work based on a professional to represent the interests of an insurance company in represent the products into its services.

The understanding and role of Insurance Broker

When referring to the existing definition of the chore of Insurance Broker generally is protecting the interests of the insured, an insurance company or client. The customer here are broad and not limited to one person only. The following are the details of the Insurance Broker task referred to in the Act.

  1. Do the identification of any form of attempts at removal, reductions and avoid the possibility of the occurrence of the risk.
  2. In accordance with the needs of the insured, the Insurance Broker must prepare as well as making insurance contract design the most suitable and competitive.
  3. Help choosing an insurer for the insured (insurance clients), are safe.
  4. Bridging the selection and negotiating the level of premiums between the insurance company (insurer) and the client's insurance (Insurer)
  5. During the run, the polish Insurance Broker is responsible for running the risk of inspection as well as the administration of the program, including conducting claim management service.
  6. In one particular time, the Insurance Broker can also run jobless claims negotiations on behalf of the insured.
  7. Performs administrative and insurance research.

Seven things that the task of the insurance broker is still coupled with responsibility, as well as those powers. But when there is a question where an insurance broker operating funds, are getting attract paid on clients? The answer is no. The insurance broker does not attract paid for services associated with its work. Insurance broker get Commission Brokerage of the insurer as compensation for the risk that they are placed.

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