Auto Insurance Quotes Comparison [All Risk vs. Total Lost]

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Car insurance is protection for the car (vehicle) you where you will get compensation if your car had an accident or loss. To obtain this protection, you must pay a fee called a premium. The cost of the premiums depends on the price of your car, the more expensive the price of your car, the higher the cost of the premiums.

auto insurance quotes comparison

Both new and used cars, they can have insurance. Only, for vehicles already was 10 years more typically protection that may be provided is limited.

All Risk (Comprehensif) vs. Total Lost (TLO)
There are 2 types of car insurance, namely:

All Risk (Comprehensif) is a comprehensive insurance provides protection from both the minor damage including a beret or a dent until broken in total.

With all risk insurance, you do not need to fear anymore if your car had an accident. Simply do a claim and your car will be back seamlessly.

The range of the cost of insurance premiums for All Risk types is $3000

Total Lost (TLO) is insurance that provides protection ONLY due to lost or damaged a total of minimum 75% due to car accidents.

With all risk insurance, you can only claim if your car is lost or damaged a total accident.

The range of the cost of premiums for insurance types Total Lost is $60.

Things you should know before buying car insurance

Before deciding to buy the insurance from any company, it's good you noticed facilities offered such as:
  • Workshop Partners. Workshop partners is the workshop which is a partner of insurance companies. Select the insurance company that had a lot of partners workshop (especially his workshop there near your House) so that makes it easy for you to take your car in the event of a claim.
  • Car Tow Assistance. Car tow assistance is a facility that you can use if your car broke down and then deliver to the workshop partners.
  • The expansion. The expansion is the additional protection offered by insurance companies. Examples of expansion such as protection from floods, earthquake, riot, etc. We recommend that you take a weaker expansion could happen in you.
  • Replacement Car. Replacement car is a car whilst on loan when your car is being repaired at the workshop partners. The facility is important if you use a car in daily activities.

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