Average Car Insurance Rates by Age and Gender

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What are the things that affect the price of car insurance? As you already know, every person who wants to buy a car or already have a car in General must have automobile insurance.

Maybe you are one of those people who already have or use car insurance. But did you know that there are certain things that can affect the price of car insurance you buy?

average car insurance rates by age and gender

Let's see what things can affect the price of car insurance.

Things That Affect The Price Of Car Insurance

There are some things that affect the price of car insurance, such as type of vehicle, the driver's age credit, arrears etc.

#1 Type of vehicle
Type of vehicle and the year of manufacture is one of the factors for determining the insurance company car insurance premiums payable. 

Some vehicles have a higher level of security than other types.

Sports cars and other luxury cars are usually more expensive premiums because of the amount of the claim to such vehicles as well as expensive spare parts replacement. 

#2 Credit Arrears
Insurers usually will check the payment details. They want to know whether you are paying credit card bills in a timely fashion or not.

People with credit repayments which smoothly will usually get cheaper insurance rates than not. Why? Because smooth credit means people have the capability of doing payments also smoothly against the insurance they offer.

Meanwhile, people with no credit history smoothly will usually cost you higher because there is a possibility of payment which is also not smooth.

#3 The driver's age and gender
Age also plays a role in determining automobile insurance premiums to be paid. This is a major factor if a driver is under the age of 25. The younger a driver more expensive insurance premium rate as well.

The data showed that younger drivers have a crash rate, damage and injury is higher than older drivers.

Gender has an impact on car insurance rate, although not significantly.

The boys will pay a premium of more than girls especially during adolescence. When it is mature, the influence of gender against the diminishing car insurance rate.

#4 Car insurance claims History
Most insurance companies have appraisal scheme and give awards to those who do not have a claim.

The company also provides additional costs or reduce discounts to those who often do car insurance claims.

Insurance companies will also check how often you make claims in the last five years. Negative records in claims or driving history will have an impact on the level of a given car insurance premiums.

On the other hand, being a driver with a good record (no accidents or violations) will get you a discount.

#5 Driving record
For those of you who've often drive a car, driving record are also into consideration the insurance company in determining whether you are worthy to receive car insurance or not. 

Typically the insurance company will check Your speeding tickets from the record in the police force or in the Prosecutor's Office over the last three years.

Bad driving record combined with the score card bad credit car insurance claims history as well as bad is the cause to get the insurance rate is high.

#6 Mileage Per Year
Mileage to be one of the determining your car insurance rates. Insurance companies also know that cars are often worn more susceptible exposed to accidents.

#7 The location of the place of residence
Location of residence any time determines the price of insurance to be paid. For example, you are located in the area of sub-urban population. Automatically, the burden of insurance provided to you will be more expensive.

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