Learn About The Benefits of Annual Travel Insurance

Learn About The Benefits of Annual Travel Insurance - A trip is an activity which is quite expensive. The cost of meals, transportation, and lodging must be removed. So from that travel insurance is often the last option to save some money.

This is indeed a very realistic, but when a problem occurs unexpectedly affecting your journey, then the cost will be enormous.

Learn About The Benefits Of Annual Travel Insurance

Travel insurance is often overlooked when I travel, even though the risks facing could come anytime and anywhere. Especially for those who frequently travel outside the country.

Why need annual travel insurance?
  • Travel insurance/annual travel insurance is cheaper than travel insurance single trip. Especially for you who very high frequency.
  • Annual travel insurance protects Your trip/trip all year round, no matter how many times you travel.
  • You don't have to bother buying travel insurance whenever go snap, because the policy is active for one full year.

What is the difference with insurance annual travel insurance single trip travel?
The difference in travel insurance annual and single trip only set at the time of its protection. Annual travel insurance will protect any journey within 1 full year.

While travel insurance single trip only protects 1 x trip. If you want to travel again, then you should buy back the travel insurance.

More benefit travel insurance annual or single trip?
This depends on your own needs. If the frequency of travel you are very intense, for example traveling more than 3 times within 1 year, then it is better to buy annual travel insurance. But if you travel less than 3 times in 1 year, we recommend using our trip insurance single trip.

Who needs an annual travel insurance?
  • For a businessman who often traveled to launch his business.
  • For a journalist/reporter who often perform impromptu coverage outside the city and abroad.
  • For lovers of traveling the hobbies of traveling.
Like a passport or a suitcase that you always carry insurance while traveling, journey is also one that is mandatory to be noticed wherever your destination.

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