4 Benefits of Personal Accident Insurance and How to Claim

Cannot be denied, in this life, when working or when on the road, there is definitely a risk that always overshadow everyone. Personal accident insurance is the answer. With personal accident insurance has many benefits that can be felt, one is able to give an overall replacement of the treatment costs caused by accidents occurring anywhere that afflict yourself. The accident incurred not only usually happens when you are at work, but it can also when on the highway, while at home, the place you are at leisure, and others that include protection for 24 hours.

4 Benefits of Personal Accident Insurance and How to Claim

Personal accident insurance benefits 

1. If there is an employee who died was caused due to accident in the assured him, then the whole of the heirs could receive compensation amounting to less than 100% of the amount of sum assured him.

2. If you suffer from a total permanent disability events that effected by accident during its coverage, then the heirs are entitled to receive a maternity benefit amounting to approximately 100% of the amount of sum assured him.

3. If you experienced partial permanent disability caused by accidents during its coverage, will get a compensation in the amount of presentation of the amount of sum assured him and adjusted to the conditions that have been set up in rule.

4. When you encounter incidents of hospitalization caused by accident, then his protection period will receive compensation for the cost of the hospital with a maximum limit of 10% of the total sum assured at every occurrence of the accident. Not only that, the maximum total payout system i.e. 50% of the total money paid in a year policy for some of the work accident.

Based on the exposure, personal accident insurance is of utmost importance to the safety needs of all employees. This is because all risk of accidents that can happen anytime and anywhere. Personal accident insurance is in charge of taking all risks of financial loss suffered a disaster when the employee in an accident.

How To Claim Personal Accident Insurance
The insured party must act soon to get the help of treatment and care that is needed against injuries sustained from a doctor.
The insured or representatives of the legitimate family must notify (either in writing or orally) to the insurer within five calendar days counted since the accident occurred.
In case of death caused by accident, then the family or heirs should be reported to the local village head to obtain affidavits died, asking for the certificate examination bodies that originate from the doctors or home sick, give the opportunity to the insurer when want to do an examination before the bodies are buried.

Supporting Documents Of The Claim
If there is an accident that could have been will cause a reimbursement demands, the insured is obligated to deliver the necessary documents such as reports claim form follows chronologically the accident happens, the employee Card/ A letter Job Description, and a photocopy of ID CARD.

If in a work accident is insured dies, then the required documents i.e. Letter information on the results of the examination of the corpse, a photocopy of the certificate of death head or local police, as well as the affidavits witness or news of the event of a crash.

Whereas when the insured is lost due to the accident, labor should include affidavits about the accident and the cessation of the search from the authorities as well as the waiver of the beneficiary will return the cash benefit if the insured be retrieved alive.

If the insured suffered a permanent disability, require documents such as affidavits examination (visum) from a doctor who did care or treatment and the affidavits of the witnesses/news event of a crash.

Original receipts from doctors, hospitals, pharmacies, laboratories, in the event that the insured undergo treatment or treatment.

The latter, of other documents that have a connection with the claim, should be required by the insurer.

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