Learn How To Calculate Your Antique Car Insurance At Once How His Treatment

Learn How To Calculate Your Antique Car Insurance At Once How His Treatment

#1 Use body cover
A practical way to protect your classic car from the dust is to close using body cover. Body cover will protect the surface from heat and rain can make car paint flake. In addition, you can also take advantage of the body cover the balloon will keep the air circulation inside the car so much the better.

#2 Use the jack stand/Jack
If you do not plan on using classic cars for a long time, it's good you raise positions with the Jack. This way it will also prevent your car from floods and classic car suspension any healthier. That way, you do not need to be tormented when wearing it because the car must remain comfortable while on the go.

#3 Check battery and oil
If not used, be sure to unplug the power from the car battery car's electrical system. This serves to keep the condition of car battery remains optimal when not in use. Make sure that the oil tank is also already dry. Let the oil tank classic cars still loaded with no oil used would make it to corrosion. In addition, you can also replace the old oil with anti-corrosion oil.

#4 Replace piston ring
Try to check the condition of the piston rings are in a State of weak or not? If Yes, replace it by doing 3 a.k.a.. This serves to smooth a.k.a. crusty already to petrol can flow smoothly. That way, you do not need to experience the machine crashes while using automobile travel.

#5 Schedule of usage
Although antique classic car engine, but also need to be heated and not only silenced as a garage ornament. Therefore, take some time by as much as 1 to 2 weeks for driving a classic car. You can use it to crossroads that is not too far away so that the condition of the engine remains optimal.

Learn How To Calculate Your Antique Car Insurance At Once How His Treatment

Well, for those of you lovers of motor (moge), there are a number of compulsory care that you need to know. What is it? Following his review:

Routine oil change
Moge performance should be supported with a maximum engine performance. Therefore, the rutinlah replaced the oil in order to free jammed big motor engines and corrosion. At the very least, oil change after you travel a maximum of 2,000 km.

Use the special brake oil
Driving Japan and Europe moge indeed feels good because the lighter hidrolisnya clutch system. However, if you wear it every day, oil hidrolisnya oil will be hot and cause clutch slippage. Therefore, use the brake oil DOT 4 or DOT-5 a more heat-resistant.

Check the chain tension
Because power at tend to be big, then you have to frequently check the tension of the chain. Because the chain slack will be fast or difficult when power motor itself is great. At the very least, you should check at least once a month.

Rawat part exhaust
The chrome layer in large parts of the exhaust motor You could change the colors. Therefore, you can protect it by using the green stone, which pounded smooth, then mix with kerosene. Use this mixture to rub the inside of the exhaust that is dull.

Note the wind pressure tire
Great ride comfort also determined from the wind pressure in the tires. The front of the motor you will experience the shocks which undermines the wheel. Therefore, check tire pressure with all of them.

The value of a classic car insurance
In addition to treatment, you also need to prevent the classic cars and motor of unexpected damage. 

The usefulness of investment is to meet the needs in the future and keep the purchasing power is not eroded inflation. Meanwhile, insurers will serve to protect you or your vehicle when the unexpected losses.

How to calculate the cost of insurance for classic cars and large motor generally vary depending on the type and price of the vehicle. However, in general the premium rate applicable for regressive nature of the car. That is, if the value of the coverage set out the more expensive, then the fewer the premiums rates percentages anyway.

Great value motor insurance
Well, for those of you who have a large motorhome, the size of the premiums payable vary. For example, to moge brand BMW motorrad models K 1600 GTL Exclusive, official dealer of BMW Motorrad Indonesia sold it at a price of $90000. The question of the premium, the specified percentage of 2.32% and cost approximately $2200.

However, any claim (deductible) generally has its own risks, i.e. a specific value that reduces the payment of claims. Deductible imposed so that the insured is also cautious because he could endure losses even though the value is small.

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