Is It True That The More Lucrative Annual Travel Insurance?

Is It True That The More Lucrative Annual Travel Insurance - Travel insurance is often overlooked, but the risk can come anytime and anywhere. To always remember to use travel insurance, annual travel insurance try.

1. What is the Annual travel insurance?

Annual travel insurance (annual) travel insurance is designed for those who travel regularly or at least travelling more than 3 times in 1 year. The period of the insurance policy is valid for one year. That means, for a year, we'll be automatically guaranteed by protection when I travel. However, each trip's duration is limited, maximum 90 days for a one way trip.

Is It True That The More Lucrative Annual Travel Insurance

2. What is the difference between the travel insurance we buy each trip (e.g. bundling with the airline) and annual travel insurance?

The second difference is only on this product at the time of its protection. Annual travel insurance will protect every trip we do in one year's time. While travel insurance single trip only protect us to a journey. If we want to travel again, we should back buy travel insurance single trip.

3. Which is more profitable, and more recommended travel insurance purchased when will travel or annual? Why?

To answer this question, we must look at our needs. If we do not routinely travel or we are traveling less than 3 times in the span of one year, then better buy travel insurance Single Trip because it is more practical and economical from the cost. Whereas if we are traveling at least 3 times a year, then the Annual travel insurance is strongly recommended.

4. How do I claim annual travel insurance?

Claim on travel insurance Annual travel insurance Single Trip with more or less have the same process. We must complete the files required to take when filing a claim, coming back from a trip. For example in the case of the missing baggage, we first must immediately report to the insurance company. Next we complete the proof of loss by requesting information from the police or local security officers.

After these things are done, upon returning from the trip, we need to complete the additional evidence such as proof of purchase, a note to a photo or other supporting documents. From here, the insurance company will process the claims that we do within a few working days.

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