How to Choose Type of Home Insurance to Protect Your Assets

Of course we often heard news about the occurrence of a fire House that resulted in a damaged or destruction of the building. Or news about the existence of natural disasters such as floods, earthquakes, landslides and so forth that caused not became habitable again because of damage from the disaster was too severe.

To rebuild the House, which has already persuaded it certainly need not cost a bit, like building a new House. If you have a fairly large savings may not be a problem. But what if we don't have a stash sufficient funds?. When home is a very vital need.

How to Choose Type of Home Insurance to Protect Your Assets

In order not to get in trouble like this when disaster struck our House, early preparation is necessary. One of them is followed home protection insurance programs and residences.

Currently many insurance companies that offer a variety of insurance products asset protection home or property, so the more make consumers have plenty of choices. However, the necessary techniques to select a company or type of home insurance that is truly able to give total protection on our residential homes.

The first thing that can be done to choose a good insurance company and credible is by making a comparison between the existing home insurance companies. The comparison includes background or a good track record, job network, the number of consumers who become clients, financial reports and more.

If the need to do checking of whether the insurance company is already registered on the official financial institutions. For Indonesia the agency that oversees the operational system of the insurance company is the Bapepam-LK or Supervisory capital markets and financial institutions. In addition to the official insurance companies should also be a member of the General Insurance Association AAUI. Check the status of the insurance company at both these institutions.

If the insurance companies are already registered, then the next step is to read in detail the type of insurance contract which we will follow. Conscientious carefully the kind of risk that will be borne by the insurance company in case of disaster House.

For example the type of fire insurance. Whether the dependents provided covering all types of fires or just one type of fire. Since fires can result from several causes, such as due to electricity, natural disasters (e.g. hit by lightning) or it could be because there was a neighbor's house near the fire then burned its way into our homes.

Similarly, the assets in the House we have, whether in the insurance contract it is also described. Included in it are the kinds of stuff that gets a protection or dependents when disaster occurs.

Details of the contract such as this should be explained fully in the insurance agreement Act. Ask the company that offers home insurance with firm, especially if there are sentences whose meaning is not so we understand on the deed or agreement on insurance.

If everything is clear and to the point, the next step is to do the calculation of the value of the coverage we will accept if you want to make a claim. This calculation should also be carried out carefully in accordance with the old insurance contract that we follow. Do not let happen after receiving the sum assured, it turns out that these funds are not sufficient to finance the construction of houses despite the use of the concept and design of the same home long before there is a disaster.

In addition follow the insurance program in accordance with the conditions of our homes. For example, if the House is located in the hills or Plains higher of course we do not need to select insurance protection flood. A more suitable insurance protection programs is catastrophic earthquake or landslide.

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