What is Home Insurance, Benefits and How Does It Work?

What is a home insurance live?
Insurance-home insurance product that is providing security against the home where you live, including the contents of the House were registered in case of fire or theft. The House is an important asset for most of society Indonesia, because the price is likely to rise and it's not easy to buy a House.

What is the reasonable purchase protection insurance or home stay? The answer is very reasonable, if you buy insurance-home, because home living also has some risks, such as: fire, being struck by lightning, the fall of an airplane, theft, flooded and others.

Previously we would like to remind, if you buy life insurance, General Insurance (insurance home, health, accident, car, motor, travel) make sure you read the policy. At least read on what parts are covered, the coverage and definition of what cause protection ends.

What is Home Insurance, Benefits and How Does It Work?

Do not use a personal assumption, since the legal nature of the insurance contract law and written in black above with white. In case of dispute or problem in the future, insurance companies, courts and legal power You will discuss the agreement is written in the contract or insurance policy.

What are the benefits of home insurance live?
Home insurance is included in the types of general insurance (general insurance). In Indonesia known two types of home insurance, namely, fire insurance and all risk property insurance:
  • Risk of fire (Fire) is the risk of damage to the home caused and are caused by careless insured, fire, short-circuit, and fire by other objects.
  • Risk of damage to the House because of lightning (Lightning), which cause direct damage. Including guarantee electrical machine, electrical or electronic equipment and electrical installation burned due to lightning.
  • Risk of damage to the House because the Blast (Explosion) which comes from the property that is guaranteed on this Policy.
  • Risk of damage to the House since the fall of an airplane (Falling Water Craft) that hit the building and property is guaranteed in the policy.
  • Risk of damage to the House because the smoke (Smoke) that comes from fires of property covered in this Policy.

How Does Home Insurance Live? 
Surely you must know how to work insurance home stay, before deciding to buy it. Example: Mr. Ronald has a House with 200 square meters of building area, with coverage of home $100000

The value of the coverage will be obtained by way, sum:

Calculate the cost of redevelopment
Assets that are registered and home insurance


The cost of rebuilding = 200 square meters x $400 = $80000 per meter
Asset register = $20000
Total = $80000 + $20000 = $100000

After getting the value coverage, then the premium you have to pay the insurance premium rate is = live House x sum assured. Example:

Home insurance premium rate = 0.15%
Sum assured $100000
Insurance premium = 0.15% x $100000 = $150 per year

Note rate premiums adjusted by each insurance company, depending on the purpose of use of the building, location, city and so on.

Tips On Choosing Insurance-Home
  • Identify your needs, whether it is enough to fire insurance or all risk property insurance.
  • Customize with Budget or budget insurance you have.
  • Don't be lazy to do a comparison of several insurance products-home of several insurance companies.
  • Read more: what scope of protection (the benefits), the definition of merit, whatever caused the polis null and void, as well as anything that is not encrypted.
  • Know, early in the claim process and store important numbers associated process of filing a claim on your mobile phone.

Hopefully the explanation we can give more insight about insurance-home and into Your consideration. Please buy house insurance for your needs.

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