Why do you need Professional Civil Liability Insurance?

When professional activities are developed, we can all make mistakes or omit important issues, which sometimes have serious consequences. Without going any further, just imagine a translator making an error in the translation of an instruction manual of an important team for an industrial plant, or a lawyer who forgets any important evidence in a lawsuit and wastes the client's time or, worse Still, the complete case.

For this reason, the best ally of a company for the development of their professional activities is to have a Professional Civil Liability Insurance, since the General Civil Liability insurance does not cover the errors or negligence that professionals can commit in their activity. For this, it is necessary to hire a Professional Civil Liability insurance.

Liability Insurance

It is important to understand this difference because many professionals carry out activities that need to have a Professional Civil Liability Insurance and, on the other hand, only have one of General Civil Liability. However, there are many activities that, although not mandatory for all, do need to have insurance specifically for the activities they develop.

These activities cover very broad sectors and range from consulting services, translations, design, photography, architecture, engineering and legal assistance, to services related to intellectual property, among others.

Even when a professional accumulates a lot of experience, the best decision you can make is to protect yourself in case of claims. This is why many professionals, who are interested in taking care of their image, consider that having a Professional Civil Liability Insurance is equivalent to having a business life insurance.

In addition to what we have mentioned, if you are a company or a freelance that develops a professional activity, you also need a Liability Insurance, specifically for your work, for other reasons, such as:

1. Protect your investment: which often involves a high sum of money, since going through a claim process by a client could even bankrupt your company or force you to cease activities. Along with the investment, it is also advisable to protect the time invested.

2. Your own peace of mind: knowing that, whatever happens, your assets will always be safe.

3. Confidence in the client: since clients can also perceive the commitment by the professional, and this makes them feel more secure when hiring a service.

4. Differentiate yourself from other professionals: Offering a client insurance transmits more seriousness and gives you authority in the sector. In this way, customers will feel more confident to hire your services.

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