How to Guarantee the Protection of Your Pet Through Your Home Insurance?

There is no doubt that our pets are not only pets, but we consider them a member of the family. Therefore, in AXA we want to offer you everything you need so you can have the best protection for them, and especially if it is a dog, through the different coverages that we offer in our home insurance, so you can enjoy of these benefits.

Your Pet Through Your Home Insurance

Thus, enjoying the multiple advantages associated with the fact that you can design a custom home insurance, if you decide to hire, or you already have our Flexible Home Insurance in its Comfort and Vip modalities, as well as if you want to incorporate it in the case of the Basic modality, you will have the special protection offered by our Family Civil Liability coverage.

By including this coverage of Family Civil Liability in your home insurance you will not only have special protection to face those compensations that derive from the material or personal damages that, involuntarily, any member of the family may cause. your family to third parties, but, in addition, you will have the following added benefits:

Civil liability applicable to your pet: to guarantee full coverage of those material or personal damages that your pet may have caused to third parties, and that imply the need for immediate reparation or compensation for civil liability, as, as than you, we consider your companion animal as one more member of your family unit.

Certificate of insurance for your dog: also, thanks to this coverage and with the corresponding certificate, you will have the possibility that your dog is covered by certain coverages established in your home insurance.

In AXA we are aware that in many autonomous communities the legislation is becoming tougher regarding the obligation to have a civil liability insurance for your pet, especially if it is a dog belonging to a race considered as potentially dangerous. In fact, in some regions there is the obligation to have insurance in dogs of any race, regardless of their characteristics.

Therefore, it is important that you have this protection within your home insurance and that, in addition, you have the necessary documentation to avoid any type of administrative sanction. In addition, you will not have to assume any type of additional cost or overpriced in the case that your pet is framed within the races considered as potentially dangerous.

Do not hesitate to take advantage of this very interesting coverage and thus guarantee the best protection of your pet through your home insurance. If you wish to obtain more information about all the benefits offered by our Flexible Home Insurance and, specifically, the Family Civil Liability coverage, we recommend that you access here or contact personally with your trusted AXA insurance mediator.

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