12 Types of Insurance That Can Guarantee Your Future

It cannot be denied that insurance is a form of guarantee that the future is most reliable at this time. How not, the high cost of living accompanied by several risks that might occur makes us continue to be ready to face things that will come. In answering every consumer need, trusted insurance companies continue to improve their services, such as by providing insurance products as needed. Well, here are the types of insurance that exist today.

Types of Insurance That Can Guarantee Your Future

12 types of insurance that can guarantee Your future:

Health Insurance

Health insurance or usually called health insurance is one of the most known insurance by the community. This insurance provides protection or protection for health problems experienced by members of insurance, both problems caused by disease, disability, and accidental death. Some private insurance companies such as Prudential, Cigna, Allianz, AIA Financial are some of the well-known companies that provide various types of insurance products according to people's needs.

Life insurance

Not inferior to health insurance, life insurance or life insurance is also the most popular product for the community. This type of insurance is insurance that provides financial benefits when a member of insurance or the insured is called to death. There are two ways to get funds from this insurance. First, before the insured dies. Usually there is a period in accordance with the agreement made by both parties. Second, when the insured has passed away. For this case, funds will be given to the family of the insured after the member dies. Some insurance companies that provide these products include AXA Mandiri, BCA Life Insurance (BCA Life), Panin Dai-ichi Life, Insurance Bumiputera, Manulife, Cigna, and FWD Life.

Travel insurance

Travel insurance or travel insurance will provide benefits and protection such as obtaining protection and coverage for accidents that occur, personal accident compensation, dependents on emergency medical expenses, repatriation of bodies, medical evacuations, and protection of luggage that is at risk of being lost or damaged . The cost of this travel insurance premium will be adjusted to the cost of the trip. Companies such as Allianz, ACA Insurance, AIG, Zurich Travel, and Sinarmas Insurance also have products for travel insurance.

Property Insurance

Property insurance or property insurance is insurance that is quite attractive for home protection. Therefore, this insurance is usually referred to as home insurance. But not only that, this insurance is usually also used to protect other properties that are considered quite valuable. This type of insurance usually provides protection against disasters, such as fire, floods and earthquakes.

Business Insurance

Business insurance products or business insurance provide protection for various types and sizes of businesses. Ranging from micro businesses, SMEs, large companies to multinational companies. An example of the protection provided by this insurance is protection for the delivery of goods, both by land, air, and sea lanes.

Vehicle insurance

Vehicle insurance is divided into car insurance and motorcycle insurance. This insurance provides two types of vehicle protection, namely Comprehensive and Total Loss Only (TLO). This insurance provides compensation for loss / damage to the vehicle resulting from falling objects, fire, bad deeds, theft, seizure, collisions, collisions or other traffic accidents.

Education insurance

Educational insurance is an alternative that guarantees a better life by focusing on children's education. Premium costs that must be paid by the insured to the offer given by the insurance company in accordance with the level of education that you want to get later. This insurance also provides additional benefits, namely health protection, both for the insured and also the parents.

General insurance

General insurance is insurance that provides protection for the risk of loss that is usually caused by losing the responsibility of a law to a third party. Insurance is divided into two types. The first is Social Insurance, which is insurance that is used to guarantee old age with forced premium payments which are usually taken from salary deductions. The second is Voluntary Insurance, a voluntary insurance run by the government to provide protection against a person or family due to a risk.

Credit Insurance

Credit insurance is also an insurance that is often found. Credit insurance is a protective guarantee from the failure of the debtor to fully pay off credit or usually a capital loan in the credit market, business capital, working capital. This insurance is recommended for those of you who often make purchases through credit to avoid future transaction failures.

Disability Insurance

Disability insurance is usually owned by people with heavy work who have a high risk of having a work accident. This insurance is useful to protect its members from the risk of workplace accidents that make workers bear disabilities.

Pension Insurance

Pension insurance is usually owned by people who are elderly. This is certainly a guarantee given to people who are no longer able to work because of age, and are considered to be quite helpful in financial matters. A number of funds will be received by members who have been unable to work as pension funds.

Marine Insurance

Marine insurance is insurance that works with shipping companies because this insurance involves users of ship services related to the transport of goods or cargo. Guarantees will be given for risks that may occur, such as the risk of damage to ships, cargo damage, failure to deliver cargo and other problems related to this shipping.

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