7 Car Insurance Best 2019 and Tips Selecting It

How important is the hell have car insurance? 

You may have been driving carefully, wearing a safety belt, as well as comply with the traffic signs. Unfortunately, the same is not necessarily done by other riders. 

Fortunately, there are car insurance that could minimize the financial losses incurred in the event of unexpected situations. That way, the losses borne not of actual losses.

Having car insurance is one way of keeping financial conditions remain healthy. The benefits obtained could be greater than the premiums paid. 

In the event of a risk, the insurance company will bear the losses we are experiencing, so that financial burdens which we feel to be much lighter. 

As you know, the car is an asset that cost is not a little in the purchase as well as treatment. Therefore, it has been reasonably plan budgets well to keep the asset value was diminished, one of them to have car insurance.

After realizing the importance of having car insurance, car insurance types used to understand existing from confused while choosing.

Generally, the insurance company provides two types of car insurance, i.e. all risk car insurance and total loss only (TLO). Understand the difference both through the following explanation. 

7 Car Insurance Best 2019 and Tips Selecting It

The difference all risk car insurance and total loss only

1. all risk car insurance

As the name suggests, all risk car insurance provides protection for the entire risk of loss that may occur. Regardless of the percentage of substantial damage or small.

Normally, this also gives the insurance expansion guarantee covers damages caused floods, riots, cases as well as other protection.

On some insurance companies, car insurance is often referred to as the all risk insurance comprehensive insurance or combined.

2. Car insurance total loss only (TLO)

Car insurance coverage TLO only took losses worth more than 75 percent of the price of the car or lost because of crimes, such as theft. 

If damage is light with a loss under 75 percent of the value of the car, the losses will not be covered by insurance companies.

A benchmark 75 per cent was used as the assumption that the damage occurred on the car has been making a car cannot be used again.

For example, if a car burglarized and stolen while parked, the car insurance TLO would bear the financial losses incurred. However, if the car just scraped so that the harm done by ascertained under 75 percent of the price of the car, the insurance company will not provide compensation.

With a comprehensive warranty, the cost of car insurance premiums all risk is higher than car insurance TLO. So, if you want complete protection, choose all risk car insurance. But if you want to save and felt quite carefully in drive, the car insurance TLO for you enough already. 

In addition to the two types of car insurance, vehicle insurance is also known in the term third party liability (TPL) insurance that guarantees protection from lawsuits by third parties. A third party is anyone involved in the crash with you car. 

For example, you jump in the car which was involved in an accident with another car containing three people, and three of them were injured. Then a third treatments the passenger fees will be borne by the insurance company. 

Or if the passengers are fine, but his car was damaged, the car repair costs can be borne by the parties you insurance.

If you already know the type of car insurance that fits your needs, the following seven best car insurance options to choose from 2019.

7 best car insurance recommendations in Indonesian

1. Sinarmas Car Insurance

Sinarmas car insurance offers three types of protection, i.e. the combined and TPL, TPL and TLO and TPL.

Sinarmas insurance combined loss caused by accidents, crimes, fires, lightning, accidents during the official crossings with a crossing under the supervision of Directorate General of Land Transportation, as well as loss due to the caring, transporting, or withdrawal to the workshop or other places.

TPL insurance of Sinarmas provide guarantees covering demands compensation from third parties, such as medical expenses, injury, medical expenses, as well as death.  

Meanwhile, on car insurance of Sinarmas TLO, risks covered is the cost of repair or replacement if the damage occurs is equal to or more than the price of the car.

You can also propose the extension of the warranty, covering damage caused by disasters such as earthquakes and tsunamis, personal accident insurance for the driver and passengers, as well as additional costs in the form of fee got the ambulance and transport costs when the car repaired.

One of the hallmarks of Sinarmas car insurance is you can file online purchases through the site facility as well as make a claim directly to the repair shop that has been in collaboration with Sinarmas.

2. ACA Otomate car insurance

Aca insurance Otomate offers car insurance in the form of packages with a variety of amenities, such as a tow car to car replacement.

The customer is also entitled to get a new car, if the car owned suffered a total loss. The deal, a new car was six months from the date of purchase.

If you have events that ominously, as the car broke down on the way, the customer can take advantage of on-site roadside assistance for vehicle technicians help ACA directly at the scene.

When wanting to make a claim, the client need not come to the branch offices of ACA. Because mobile facilities are available, the claim, i.e., the Ministry survey claims directly in place of the customer by ACA officers.

To buy car insurance, you can Otomate ACA fill form bought at ACA site. Then, just wait for the insurance officer contacted by ACA.

3. Car insurance Garda Oto

The question of the ease of use of the service, the Garda Oto car insurance may be a step further than any other insurance. Because, almost all car insurance services accessible digitally. 

Garda Oto has a Mobile Guard Otocare application that enables the customer to monitor the condition of the vehicle, as well as making the process of claims and request emergency services increasingly practical.

Payment process to purchase the insurance policy can be made online by filling out the data on the website of Garda Oto.

Purchase car insurance policy Garda Oto to late January 2019 the opportunity to get a variety of tantalizing bonuses, such as FUEL vouchers 100 litres, the expansion of the accident myself the driver with a limit of 10 million, as well as a variety of interesting merchandise.

4. My car Allianz car insurance

Allianz Insurance offers three packages of my car insurance, i.e. Allianz my car Grand with the most complete reassurance, Allianz My ECO with the assurance of economical needs, as well as Allianz Non of my Package with a choice of protection that can be tailored to the desires.

Vehicle insurance Allianz excellence my car is a fairly easy claims process because it can be done through the official site or SMS service. 

The customer can also get additional protection in the form of guarantees 24 hours of an accident myself with money worth Rp 100 million in coverage that apply throughout the world.

5. the Autocillin Auto Insurance

Autocillin is a service of Adira Insurance car insurance that provides two types of protection, i.e. comprehensive and TLO. One of the hallmarks Autocillin is has a number of features that can make it easier for the customer to access the service insurance.

These features form Autocillin Mobile Claim Application, i.e. the claim features could be done via a smartphone application; Autocillin Mobile Service, namely insurance services feature located in public places; and the Same Day Repair, car repair service that can be completed on the same day.

6. Axa Auto Insurance

AXA Auto Insurance offers four types of protection, namely basic TLO, comprehensive, smart drive smart drive TLO, and comprehensive.

On the protection of the smart drive, good TLO or comprehensive, there was an expansion of benefits includes the warranties of strikes, riots, insurrection, terrorism, sabotage, flooding and hurricanes, earthquakes and tsunamis, as well as third-party legal liability.

Interestingly, never mind the strike because of a flood, with Axa car insurance Auto Insurance, loss of car keys though can get compensation.

Axa car insurance policy purchase Auto Insurance can be done online at the official site.

7. Car insurance Jasaraharja Prince (JP-Astor)

Insurance Jasaraharja Son was founded in 1993 in Jakarta and provide insurance services to the community for more than 20 years. 

One of the Jasaraharja insurance services is JP-Astor, insurers engaged in the protection of the vehicle. JP-Astor has two product coverage, i.e., TLO and all risk. 

Compared with other insurance products, JP-Astor is famous for its premium prices more affordable.

Tips on buying a car insurance policy
Of a number of features that are owned by the various insurance companies above, the majority of insurance companies already go digital. So, no more stories the complexity of process claims and handed the hassles back and forth to meet the insurance officer.

However, choosing car insurance there are also tips and trick let benefits it brings can be optimal. 

Before you buy an insurance policy, notice the first five tips below.

1. Learn about the condition of the car and the location of use

To choose a car insurance that suits your needs, you must understand the condition of the car first. The new exodus and automobile output long car or cars that have long worn naturally different needs. In doing so, the insurance services that need to be selected can differ.

If the price of the car belongs to high, so large cost once did for light damage, we recommend that you select the all risk insurance. All risk insurance is also suitable for car rental are susceptible to damage, such as scratched.

The location factor is also influential in deciding which type of insurance. For example, if the streets where everyday is pretty empty, but the environment wherein the place is famous for its high crime rate, then choose TLO Insurance could be more effective.

2. Select insurance with premiums according to needs and capabilities

You certainly do not want to if it suddenly had to pay a premium, so that debt could not get insurance benefits to the maximum. Therefore, calculate how much you can assign funds to pay the premiums.

As the shadow, the average car insurance premium prices ranging from 0.8 to 1 percent of the price of the car to car insurance TLO, and 2 to 3 percent of the price of the car to car insurance all risk.

Compare the magnitude of the premium and the facilities provided by each insurance companies. For that, you can use the feature comparison.

3. Check the credibility of the insurance company

The reputation of the insurance company can be seen from the ratio of customer complaints, quality workshop partners of the company, as well as procedural claims are not troublesome customers. 

To get such information, please do not hesitate to search from a variety of sources, ranging from the Internet to ask directly to the customer which car insurance you know.

One thing that is most important, choose an insurance company that has been registered and supervised by the financial services authority (OJK).

4. Pay attention to the features of the services offered

Each type of car insurance is definitely giving a distinct advantage. Therefore, make sure you know what services features given. Not only the main service, but also additional services, such as on-site car crane, the procurement of replacement car, ambulance, hotline service, and so on.

Looks interesting though, no need to add the extension of warranty if not too feel need it. You certainly do not want to pay more for premium benefits that do not you use, right?

5. watch repair shop service partners

Workshop partners is an important aspect in choosing car insurance. If there is something on the car, garage rekananlah which became the main purpose to make improvements. 

In addition to ensuring partner workshop has a good reputation, you should make sure that also the insurance company has a partner workshop close to domisilimu. 

Having car insurance is one of the ways the financial protection from the risk of loss that cannot be predicted. Choose the car insurance that fits your needs and kemampuanmu to get the car insurance that is optimal. 

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