Top 10 Largest Insurance Companies in the World Based on Market Capitalization

Insurance is a financial product that serves to provide protection/protection of its customers over the risks that can occur anytime. Because of insurance including long-term financial goals, then it should be in choosing any insurance product we should not carelessly. Therefore, if we want to sign up for insurance, we suggest you do a little research in advance to find out if the insurance company offering can be trusted or not.

One of the ways that we can use to identify it is by looking at how large the value of market capitalization from the insurance company. The higher the value, the more the company is trustworthy. So any reverse, the lower the value of the capitalization that is owned by a company, then the company is also dubious. Well, based on data from statista, here's 10 largest insurance companies in the world by market capitalization value per June 2019.

Top 10 Largest Insurance Companies

Top 10 Largest Insurance Companies in the World Based on Market Capitalization

1. Berkshire Hathaway

  • Country of origin United States
  • Years, 1839
  • The headquarters of Omaha, Nebraska, United States
  • Key figures of Warren Buffet and Charlie Munger
  • Kapitalisai 491.9 Billion USD market

Berkshire Hathaway is a conglomerate that has a focus on the business of insurance, such as life insurance, property insurance, and reinsurance. Thanks to the mastery Warren Buffet in the lead, this successful company providing the level of ROI (Return on Investment) on average per year by 25% to all owners of its shares. This means that if you invest $1000 USD ($ 14 M) in Berkshire in 1957, then at the end of the year 2003 money you will turn into a USD $51.356.000 (± 718 billion rupiah). Wow! (Exchange rate USD $1 = Rp. 14,000)  

2. Ping An Insurance

  • Country of origin China
  • Years, 1988
  • Headquarters of Shenzhen, Guangdong, people's Republic of China
  • Key figures Ma Mingzhe
  • Market capitalisation of USD181,4 Billion

In the year 2014, insurance companies doubled the success of sales and profits each of USD $59 billion and USD $4.6 billion. Still in the same year, Ping An Insurance also successfully ranked 62 in the list of Forbes Global 2000, due to its market value which reached USD $66.1 billion, with total assets of USD $552,8 billion.

3. AIA Group

  • Country of origin of Hong Kong, China
  • Founded 1919
  • AIA headquarters Central, Hongkong
  • Ng Keng Hooi key figures
  • Market capitalisation of USD111,4 Billion

AIA Group is a company of Hong Kong origin who has a business focused on the financial sector. Especially in the field of the health insurance industry and inhabitants. After a successful presence in 18 countries in the ASIA-Pacific region, by the year 2013 AIA also successfully partnering with one of the big League clubs, Tottenham Hotspur, United Kingdom by becoming the official t-shirt of his partner. The contract was then renewed in may 2017 and will be extended in the summer of 2021 – 2022 League United Kingdom.

4. China Life Insurance

  • Country Of Origin China
  • Years, 1949
  • Beijing Head Office
  • Key figures That Minsheng and Lin Dairen
  • Market capitalisation of USD104,1 Billion

China Life Insurance is the largest life insurance company in China, where the first 70% ownership is wholly owned by the Government. Although he had undergone restructuring in 2003, in 2015 the company success reaching number 94 in its list of Fortune Global 500 companies. While in their home country, China, the company recorded this reached number 13 on the list of Fortune 500 Top 2015 China: Chinese Enterprises. Even not long after the recording of its shares on the stock exchange of Hong Kong, Shanghai, and New York, China Life Insurance has now been successfully transformed into the world's largest insurance companies to its market capitalization based on the 4th. Well done.

5. The Allianz

  • Country of origin Germany
  • Founded 1890
  • Head Office Munich, Germany
  • Helmut Perlet, the key figures of Maximilian Zimmeter, Michael Diekmann
  • Market capitalisation of USD100,4 Billion

Allianz is a multinational financial services company of origin Germany which has a major focus in the area of insurance business. The company was established in 1890 and has now been transformed into a company with customers very much scattered in more than 70 countries in the world. While for products offered by the company itself varies so it is able to attract the attention of the prospective new clients. Thanks to the good management of the company, in the year 2013 Allianz finally managed to get the award for the biggest companies in the world in the Forbes magazine.

6. The Prudential

  • Country of origin United Kingdom
  • Years, 1848
  • Head Office London
  • Key figure Paul Manduca
  • Market capitalisation of USD67,8 Billion

The customer has more than 24 million people and listed on the stock exchange, 4 at a time, i.e. in Singapore (SGX), Hong Kong (SE), London (LSE) and New York (NYSE), automatically able to make Prudential entered into one of the largest insurance companies in the list its market capitalization based on the world. Based in the United Kingdom, the company has a large market in the countries of Asia, Africa, and United Kingdom.

7. AXA

  • Country of origin France
  • Years, 1816
  • The headquarters of the 8th Arrondissement, Paris, France
  • Key figures Thomas Buberl and Denis Duverne
  • Market capitalisation of USD64,1 Billion

AXA Group is a global insurer originating from France. The company has five business segments, namely, property and accident, life and savings, international insurance (including reinsurance), asset management, and other financial services. AXA group own more operations in North America, Western Europe, Middle East, and Asia Pacific. In 2013, the FIRST successful acquisition of 51% of the insurance company Seguros Colpatria in Colombia and 50% of the assets of one of the insurance companies in China, namely Tian Ping. AXA currently has spread in more than 56 countries with total number of clients exceeded 102 million subscribers.

8. Chubb Ltd

  • Country of origin Switzerland
  • Founded 1985
  • Head Office Zurich, Switzerland
  • Key figures Evan g. Greenberg
  • Market capitalisation of USD63,4 Billion

Chubb Ltd is the parent company of Chubb, a provider of global insurance product that has been operating in 54 countries. Some of the main lines of business are Chubb life insurance, health insurance, accident insurance, property insurance, and reinsurance. A wide range of multinational corporations, local businesses, to individuals entirely entrusted Chubb in the question of their insurance. However since the year 2016 ownership the company was already turning into the hands of ACE Ltd. 's acquisition process after a time-consuming for about almost 1 year.

9. China Pacific Insurance

  • Country of origin China
  • Founded 1991
  • The headquarters of Shanghai, China
  • Key figures Kong Qingwei, Huo Lianhong, Zhang Yuhua
  • USD48 Billion market capitalization

The China Pacific Insurance Company or CPIC is the second largest property insurance company after PICC (people's Insurance Company of China), and is the third-largest insurance company after China Life Insurance and Ping An Insurance, in China. In the year 2015, the company successfully painted the turnover and net profit were each worth CNY 247,0 billion and CN ¥ 17.8 billion, with total assets reaching CN ¥ 923,8 miliars.

10. Zurich Insurance Group

  • Country of origin Switzerland
  • Founded 1872
  • Head Office Zurich, Switzerland
  • Key figure Mario Greco and Tom de Swaan
  • USD48 Billion market capitalization

Zurich Insurance Group is a global insurance company that has three core business segments, namely general insurance (individual, small business and medium-sized, up to multinational), hayat (life insurance, savings, investments, and retirement), and farmers (the service management and reinsurance). Currently the company has hired approximately around 60,000 people in more than 170 countries around the world. Two years ago right in the year 2017, Zurich Insurance Group known as the seventh-largest public company in the world in 91 version list of Forbes Global 2000. In addition, the company also had records of its shares on the stock exchange Switzerland (SIX).

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