The Children's Health Insurance before Buying, Consider these things First!

There are some considerations before Parents buy health insurance for children. What's it?

Dizzy choose health insurance children? Quiet. ... prior to ' tap ' the hammer, in this article we try to help Parents to consider a few things before determining which insurance will be taken.

As parents sure we quite understand when children, meant to have a big responsibility. In a sense, parents certainly need to prepare every child's needs with mature.

Not only the needs of clothing, food and Board, ensure that any mandatory healthy children cared for.

Just imagine, what if one day children fall ill and need treatment and intensive care while there are no funds to pay those needs.
Let me however when it comes to the health of children, every parent will want to give the best. Parents agree, isn't it?

But certainly, the desire must be accompanied by the preparation of the budget is also great, because the cost of health care is increasingly expensive. This is where the role of health insurance child is required.

The Children's Health Insurance before Buying

When the children's health insurance required?

Handojo g. Kusuma, Director of AXA Mandiri, said the health insurance when purchasing older of course need to be adjusted first with his needs.

"I think it's also diverse, there is already an insurance Start children ages one month and already starting to get insurance, and actually to start I think as early as possible, Yes," said Handojo when found at the event Thursday, AXA (21/2/2019).

That is, considering the main thing is health, whip up the children's health insurance is advisable to indeed made since the early ages. But still need to consider the type of what is appropriate for it and finance.

Types of children's health insurance

In General, there are two types of group health insurance, i.e. health insurance card (cashles) or without health insurance card system, according to the page.

Health insurance card or cashless have characters as follows:
  • Could have a special card members who should be used as a guarantor at the time of hospital admission, and at the time of the claim.
  • The client need not provide bail because the insurance companies that become the guarantor.
  • The cost of the hospital usually directly charged to the insurance companies, so clients don't have to pay again (cashless) or just pay more costs that are not covered by the insurance.
  • Insurers will pick up the original receipts detailing costs hospitals. The customer can only take photocopying.
  • Claims can be made also in reimbursement (customer pays first, later claimed to the new insurance). The claim must use the original receipts.
  • Treatment costs are replaced more complete and comprehensive, ranging from room charges, medicines, physicians, outpatient costs are up to after getting out of the hospital.

What about health insurance reimbursement system with or without the card? the following characteristics:
  • The customer shall pay in advance the cost of the hospital at the time treated.
  • New clients can claim the health insurance benefits after getting out of the hospital.
  • The claim may use photocopying receipts are legalised.
  • Usually the cost of a treatment that is replaced is not thorough, just the cost of hospital room, the cost of medicine and surgery (if any).

Which is the best fit for the children's health insurance?

Usually health insurance often offered for toddlers is a cashless system with health insurance. Health insurance cashless system can be owned by a toddler who has age above 6 months.

But the health insurance system of cashless insurance costs more expensive (insurance premiums) than health insurance without the card.

Things to consider when buying children's health insurance
Again, choose a good insurance for children needs to be considered and adapted to the needs. The following important considerations Parents know.

1. Does the plan of the pregnancy and birth will take place normally?

For example, when a doctor has already declared the existence of the diagnosis is not good against fetal conditions, Parents can consider making health insurance.

2. Does the family have a history of hereditary?

When the family disease history can be lowered to a little one or more susceptible exposed in the development, need to consider insurance.

3. Understand the meaning of the health insurance comes first

Consider, what are the facilities provided from such insurance. Whether providing supporting facilities health and needs of the small, such as vaccinations, outpatient, inpatient, and?

4. Compare with the facilities of the Office

Generally, if the Parents are still working of course have health facilities for the little one. Therefore, when you want to buy children's health insurance, please check back any profits obtained facilities compared to the facilities of the health insurance office. .

Hopefully useful!

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