The Importance Of Having Insurance Vehicle

The development of the vehicles (cars and motorcycles) in Indonesia showed a very rapid growth in line with the growth of the automotive industry. The rate of growth of private vehicles seems to be much more prominent and dominating compared to the commercial vehicle or other public transportation.

This shows that human needs be vehicles not just as transportation needs alone but has grown to be one's personal needs for purposes of prestige or media person to express his social status.

On the other hand, with diverse and the number of vehicles that have been in circulation has led to a growing density of traffic conditions and the risks faced by humans are also increasingly complex. The risk that may occur on a vehicle such as an accident, damage to and loss of the vehicle due to several reasons. High number of accidents in Indonesia should be aware of the importance of our vehicle insurance (car and motorcycle). Read: 7 Car Insurance Best 2019 and Tips Selecting It

Importance Of Having Insurance Vehicle

Vehicle insurance is a type of special vehicle insurance, where risk is likely to occur on a vehicle is transferred to an insurance company. In the selection of vehicle insurance things noticed is financial strength (security), services (service) and costs or burdens.

Types of vehicles can be insured, namely motorcycles, cars, order of ships and aircraft. The vehicle's car insurance and motor insurance is one of the most widely used by the community. Vehicles that can insure IE private vehicles, vehicle service and commercial vehicles commercial vehicles, however, for not all insurance providers can receive for having the Statute's terms and conditions.

In General, the age of the vehicle at insure maximum of 10 years. All trademarks of the vehicle can be insured. The calculation of insurance in the market price of your vehicle at the time at insure and the age of the vehicle. For every owner of a vehicle, it is advisable to use such as vehicle insurance, MSIG drive without worry. Purpose is to make every owner of a vehicle can be protected in case something unwanted things in connection with the use of a vehicle (car).

The Benefits Of Vehicle Insurance

Using vehicle insurance can minimize losses in time is uncertain. As is the case at the time of natural disasters (landslides, floods, earthquakes, fires, etc.), theft, traffic accident, civil disturbances as well as occurrences that may cause loss or damage to the vehicle.

Benefits of car insurance (vehicles) not only fixated on the vehicle but covers on the driver, passengers and the goods contained in the vehicle. Indemnity given insurers can achieve 100% as well as compensation for the death of up to 10 million per person.

Use car insurance vehicle can also simultaneously insuring the soul and your stuff while driving. The importance of car insurance (vehicle) is because the vehicle is an asset that will be vulnerable to damage and loss

The number of types of vehicle insurance may make confused for some potential borrowers. What kind of vehicle should be on any kind of, insure, age of vehicles, terms and conditions and the risks that can be in the responsibility of insurers like what.

In choosing car insurance (vehicle), everyone has different criteria. There is more emphasis on price premiums are cheap, some are more concerned with a good repair shop services, some are more concerned with the features of the services provided. Read The Insurance Claim Vehicle MSIG

Types Of Vehicle Insurance

Types of vehicle insurance is divided into:
  • Car Insurance
  • Motor Insurance

The type of protection afforded by car insurance generally includes:

1. Comprehensive (Comprehensive)

Indemnity guarantee/repair costs for loss/damage of some or the entire vehicle due to the fall of objects, fire, evil deeds, theft, seizure, collision, collision or other traffic accidents. (refer to PSAKBI). (Age Max. of 8). Read: Get to Know The Insurance For Your New Car

2. Total Loss Only (TLO)

The guarantee compensation for loss/damage to the vehicle resulting from a total fall of objects, fire, evil deeds, theft, seizure, collision, collision or other traffic accidents.

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