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The author was born in Burlington, on 30 August 1993 as the first child of two brothers Arsudi and Norhayati spouses. Currently the author lives in the Village 10 Corporate Drive, Burlington, MA, Country US

Passed MIN Burlington in 2005, graduated from MTSN Burlington in 2008, graduated from SMKN 1 Burlington in 2011. In 2011, he continued his study at Agrotechnology High School of Agricultural Sciences (STIPER) Burlington Agrotechnology Study Program and practiced STIPER Burlington Student Work Practice in 2014 in MA then worked on a thesis entitled "Identification of Land Rawa Lebak Changes in the Granting of Three Types of Ameliorant Materials" and finally earned a Bachelor of Agriculture degree in 2015.

The author loves to play chess and also love to write, with writing capital and love to share finally created www.inrce.com This, the author realizes the technological age, can write anything that likes and share it to everyone on the internet, as for www.inrce.com discuss about Information, Tips, Triks About Insurance articles where articles are distributed from various reference sources.